The process of self-healing

self healing

Everything has a process in life. The process between being born and dying is what we call life.
The process on how daylight changes into night, we call day.

The process on how an infant becomes an engineer, we call “studying.”
The process on how an enemy becomes a friend, we call conciliation.

In Spirituality to respect that process of change is very important.

For example, any sort of denial of something that we used to like, “cold turkey;” will have later consequences if we have not “processed” that process.

If I am used to eating meat and I have developed a taste for it; there is a process in becoming vegetarian.

If I am to live alone to discover my inner world; there is a process to that end.

If celibacy is my chosen path; there is a process to get there.

That process changes among individuals. We are not the same. That is what is truly important to respect.

Many times, we acquire a disease unknowingly, due to lack of self-observation: Anger could be what I express through my feelings due to a situation/person which is not desirable. That emotional outburst has a build up process, which will manifest clearly in the body as a disease, in time.
It takes time to get there and because there is a process; it will take time to come out.

However, once there is a realization of this disease, a desire to be “cured” right away, “miraculously” will appear.
At that point, we have forgotten the “process” to heal.

In life, we may have experienced something which is bringing us down, that is something which is triggering suffering in us, unless we use the Spiritual tool of observation and become able to catch this episode; then suffering will continue on.
It is “me” rejecting what is happening.

To realize that pain, that suffering through acceptance; means to start the process of healing.

Any process of healing related with emotional pain, starts in solitude. Our tendency is to busy ourselves, but only by letting that pain in, completely and accept it without escape; is how that pain will move on by itself. There is a process in that. We need to nurture that process.

Energetically speaking, the energy of pain and sorrow, could be let go through our hands in contact with Nature. Someone who is not at ease, will be “overcharged” with negativity which needs to come out and that energy, be transformed by Mother Nature.

At that point, the inner work with our mind could take place.

Mind created thoughts are not real. That life in our heads is merely an illusion. Life continues on shining, when we come out of our self-absorption; that trance which only allows us to see gray shadows in our lives. We only see “Me,” alone through our minds.

The process of healing will finish once our feelings have changed. That is, once the situation has been transcended; once a smile comes out easily and unexpectedly from the vibes of our heart. An open heart is an accepting heart.

How long does it take for this process? As long as it takes us to realize and “implement” an open, accepting heart.

New energy will be expressed once feelings have been transformed.

When a spiritual teaching recommends to always “give pure feelings and good wishes to all;” that teaching is stating that process of energetic transformation.

That teaching is truly acknowledging that change of feelings, which is the end product of that self-healing process.

In a way, the experience of emotional pain and suffering are the ingredients for good wishes and pure feelings to all; for in that experience of transformation of self energies through feelings; is how we will know the practical aspect.

Transforming our own energies is a matter of having the chance to do it.
That is , we will be experienced in our own process of emotional healing.

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