Time to sleep!


Deepest changes in personality may occur during our sleep time.

Those changes are consequences of our attitude and vision expressed in actions, during the hours that we are awake.

Therefore, the quality of our sleep is very important to enjoy a vibrant day in consciousness.

Unconscious behavior occurs while we feel tired, fatigued or not “fully there.”

In our society, we have been trained to ingest caffeine as a sure way to become alert. Please see that this behavior only promotes dependency on a substance, which could have unforeseen effects if we continue to experience sleep deprivation.

Beyond the “brainy” explanation of the REM state and the importance of experiencing deep sleep, there is the practical experience of a good night sleep.

Mathias, the wise tree explained to his friend Ananda about the importance of sleeping.

Ananda: “I understand that during the hours that I sleep, I am not conscious. It is like experiencing a “mini-death,” I feel vulnerable at that time, is this feeling correct?

Mathias: “Correct, friend. When you leave your physical body at the time of sleeping, your energetic field is open to all sorts of energies coming from the outside.
Electro magnetic energy from different devices created by humans, will affect your own electrical field, unknowingly. Likewise, you will attract different entities vibrating at your level. It is like giving food to those entities. For instance, if you are constantly feeling sad, that vibe will attract energies with similar polarities and your feeling will be enhanced in your waking hours.
To know how to sleep is extremely important.”

Ananda: “ What do you suggest, friend?”

Mathias: “ Night time is to rest. Follow Nature in that. Slow down at night-time. If you drink liquids, they should be warm or hot, for they will be easily absorbed in your body. Help your mind with enjoyable sounds, or music and as you are getting ready to sleep, send your own energy throughout your whole body and then expand that energy into the room where you are sleeping, so you become one with the totality. Your bedroom should have only your own energy, full with it; so there is no space for anything else to enter. In that state of fullness, you can let yourself go.

Ananda: “Interesting, friend. What about waking up?”
Mathias: “ Waking up is as important as going to sleep. Embrace your own self, send energy to your own body and generate feelings that will make you smile, with appreciation and gratitude of being there … it is with that attitude, that your day should start.”


  1. Vineet kumar

    I am telling u friend my friend this post of yours has helped me a lot to discern the factors behind getting bad dreams or dreams full of horror or dreams full of vices …..thank u
    Om shanti


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