Ego-less appreciation


“Subtle awareness of the truth of the universe should not be regarded as an achievement. To think in terms of achieving it is to place it outside your own nature. This is erroneous and misleading. Your nature and the integral nature of the universe are one and the same: indescribable, but eternally present. Simply open yourself to this.”
Hua Hu Ching CH 24

There is spirituality in the consciousness of achievement. That consciousness implies the separation of “I” and the moment, the now.
For example, “I” need to conquer lust. “I” need to become perfect. “I” must destroy evil , etc.

The above are examples expressing 2 things:
1) The awareness that something is lacking, implying that separation between what “I” am now and “my” potential to be or to do something else.
2) A clear support of the “I,” the ego as the main protagonist in “my” life.

We could choose to understand any “classical” spiritual teaching under those 2 points. It is about achievement of something which is perceived as away from my current self.

The third way of looking at things is to recognize that “I” am the “Universe.” This simple view is not related with a “new age” thought or a self-imposed lie; when in reality “I” clearly see that “I” am not the “Universe.” 🙂

The main issue with human beings nowadays is this perception of separation.

Externally, that separation exists due to a perception: Different colors, different gender, different origin, different thoughts, different religions, different ideas, different beliefs….something different.

Internally, everything starts due to our lack of self-appreciation.

Because “I” don’t appreciate myself as a unique entity living in relationship with everything else; the aim of conforming to mental rigidity and mental patterns already established, becomes extremely valuable for my own “identity.”

Because “I” don’t appreciate myself, it is not worth to spend time with myself and rather occupy myself complying with what is there already, so “I” can fit in; so “I” can be part of another group.

Groups are forms of separation.

It is when appreciation exists, that “I” could relate in life without further expectations. The appreciation of my own uniqueness allows myself to appreciate the uniqueness of “others.”
In mutual appreciation, things could be as they are without the need to change them around to fit “my” vision.

The teachings: “You have to be good.” “You have to be this or that..” may wish well, but if those words are taken literally without further examination; the creation of that separation which is away from appreciation will be born.

I can appreciate a butterfly flying. It is a spontaneous appearance, almost magical. That appreciation will bring a smile, instant sunshine… That is the meaning of opening yourself to something, which does not need to be analyzed, controlled or compared.

Ego comes when there is comparison. “The butterfly that I saw yesterday was more/less ——(fill in the blank) than the one today.”

“My kid is more intelligent than …..” By doing this simply and apparently inoffensive “talk” we are creating in our minds that separation.
We are killing the appreciative moment of looking at uniqueness.

That is why, that openness is necessary to let things “in and out.”

The butterfly is there. Appreciate that. Enjoy that moment.
The thought of holding on to it is mental murder, lack of respect for a magical moment that life is allowing us to experience.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. That is, to be appreciated.


  1. Tony Nguyen

    This article reminds me about one kind of yoga which people use material things to meditate on such as flower, fruits. The beauty comes when there is no judgement of that thing.
    Well, heaven exists when all people live in the moment I guess.


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