Help is only help at the right time


Mathias, the wise tree; had some healing powers. By using the wisdom of Nature, Mathias could help heal human beings from different diseases.

One day, Raysha; one of Mathias’ friend; brought a doctor close to Mathias.

The medical doctor was very sick. Raysha thought that Mathias could help him heal.

Mathias asked for the doctor to touch the Earth and to extend his right hand, up towards the sky.

Mathias “scanned” the doctor and without a doubt told him what he had to do.

Mathias said: “Doctor, place your back on Mathias’ trunk.”

The doctor placed his back in the trunk of the tree. The doctor felt some sort of energy coming to him. It was an overwhelming healing energy which left the doctor immersed into it.

The doctor rested for a few minutes and he felt well. He felt that his health was coming back to him!

The doctor left Mathias’ park with gratitude.

Raysha couldn’t wait to speak about this “miracle” to his friend, Ananda.
Raysha said: “ Mathias healed the doctor. That doctor has been sick for sometime and no one was able to cure him. Now, he is well.”

Ananda responded:” Really? I have a friend as well who is sick. She is a spiritual woman, and so far no one has been able to do anything for her…. I will bring her to Mathias.”

Raysha: “Who is that friend?”
Ananda: “Her name is Paula.”

The following day, Ananda brought her friend to Mathias. Ananda was hoping for her to be cured right there.

Ananda spoke to Mathias: “Mathias, here is Paula. She is a spiritual person and right now she is very sick. Can your help her?”

Mathias, welcomed Paula and asked her to touch the ground, the Earth with one hand and to raise the other hand with her palm towards the sky.

Mathias then spoke: “ Paula, when Winter time approaches, you could send healing thoughts to Nature and use the feelings of your heart to heal Nature with your vibrations.”

Paula was confused. She asked: “ When am I going to get well?”

Mathias answered: “Paula, you will. Now, Mathias has to go.” Then, Mathias stopped speaking.

Ananda was wondering what was going on? Mathias did not heal Paula. Ananda thought all sorts of things and felt ashamed in front of Paula…. 😦

A few days later, Ananda went back to the park to speak with Mathias. Ananda had a demanding vibe in him.

Ananda: ” Mathias, why you didn’t help my friend Paula? She was sick. Raysha told me that you cured the old doctor the other day, but when it is about my friends, you don’t do a thing… I thought we were friends…”

Mathias allowed Ananda time to expel his frustration and calmly said:
Mathias:” Friend, help can only be given when a person is ready and desires to be helped. The doctor got his disease by helping others to get well. Paula got hers by her own doing. The doctor learned through this disease to feel greater empathy for humanity. His lesson came to an end.
Paula is not ready yet.”

Ananda: “What do you mean that she is not ready yet? She wants to be cured!”
Mathias: “ Friend, through that disease Paula needs to learn about herself. If she is cured right now; she will get sick again, because she is causing that disease through her own doing. She needs to realize what is that. Also, she is not totally ready. Paula says that she wants to be cured but she is not willing to let go of her old habits. “
Ananda: ” So, why instead of saying that, you ask her to send good vibrations to Nature; isn’t that a joke ?”

Mathias: ” Friend, when you help others, when you help the Earth; you are helping yourself. Don’t you know that? Once her mind and heart are tuned into a different direction; then healing will happen.”

Ananda: ” But why don’t you tell her that?”
Mathias: ” Because it is not the time for her to know that. She needs to experience. Life will bring certain experiences for her and then she will understand what Mathias told her. To help is not always to take the burden out of someone, but to allow that person to realize though her own experiences the significance of carrying a burden so she can decide for herself the right time to get rid of it.”

Ananda: “In Spiritually we call that ”settling karmic accounts.” Paula hasn’t settled her yet; right?”

Mathias: ” If you wish to call her own learning experience as “karma,” then be it. That lesson will be invaluable in her spiritual life. Mathias has utter respect for her own process. Friend, Do you understand now?”

Ananda:” yes… but how do I know if my help is really helping another accurately?”
Mathias: “When you stop thinking about it to let empathy arise.”

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