Question on the energy of lust

“How to have balance energies in order to conquer lust? Any physical and mental method?”

Dear reader,
There are no methods to conquer lust. Methods can only allow you to become more sensible to different energies and out of that sensibility, you could choose in life based on your current state of consciousness.

Let me explain this a bit further.
Lust is experienced through different senses. It is basically to lose ourselves in front of sensations or perceptions. In the case of sexual lust, it comes with a degree of violence to possess.

If your path is celibacy, any method that is used will be effective in the beginning. Usually the method consist on labeling sex as “bad,” “dirty,” etc. as well as the persons “indulging” on that “vice.” Therefore, you probably don’t want to be into those categories and will repress yourself and hope that “temptations” will not be around you. That is how many other “methods” appeared such as labeling women/men to avoid attractions or separating men and women or making men and women to look similar (shaving their heads) and any other “creative” method that humanity has created…Isn’t that so?

If a person persists doing this, that repression may be unbearable. that is how many individuals have finished their “careers” in the celibate path.

The key element is to change the quality of your feelings. For that you may need to open yourself for greater sensibility. To appreciate beauty in Nature, through feelings is one way of doing that. Because the quality of your feelings is distinct, possessiveness will not be there, because your feelings have been expressed.

Let us say that you are a “man” and that you “see” (eyesight) a beautiful “woman.” Observe yourself. Observe how possessiveness arises and desires. Observe how awkward you may feel if you “try to be celibate and to think good things.” Observe that a repression has happened and due to that repression your mind will play with that image of that person even though that person is gone.

Do you know why this has happened? Because you have repressed your feelings.

The issue is not that you cannot taste the “candy,” but your feelings about not tasting it and your mind reinforcing those feelings by “thinking about it.”

Even if you taste that “candy,” your feelings will be that “it is not enough, the dream was better than “reality”…” which will be reinforced by your thoughts:”I need another candy.” See?

That repression and lack of satisfaction is lust, which is an energy.

On the other hand, if there is appreciation; which means that you are open to what “is” and you have the sensibility to see beauty and express that through your feelings; then because of that expression of appreciation; your mind and your feelings will be alright.

Basically, it is like becoming a child again: Smile, appreciate without the thought of possessing anything or needing anything from another, sending beautiful feelings of appreciation to another.
That is all.

One more time, the key element is “pure feelings” as mentioned in many articles before. If you could engage yourself in becoming sensible to beauty in Nature and in the world without distinction, without labeling things as “bad” or “good,” then you will see a change in you. That is the “method.”

Allow yourself to enjoy Nature, to be part of it (Please read article “beach healing and therapy.”) Allow yourself to be wholesome by resting well, eating well (not only what you eat, but how you eat it ) and have gratefulness to life for giving you the chance to be in relationship with others at different levels.

If going beyond lust is in your path, it will happen. In the meantime, all we need to transform as preliminary steps is the quality of our feelings by becoming more sensible to beauty and its expression and the clarity of our mind, by being able to observe it continuously.

We know that “fear never transforms, but love transforms,” then let us use that love through feelings for that transformation to occur.

Best wishes!

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