Question: Wishful thinking

We make our destiny our-self,if this is true then wishing and planning to live with a particular soul in future is a sin ?

Dear reader,

The word “sin” has a guilty connotation. When we are aware that there is cause and effect, that “sin” is just a cause for a consequence that you will experience. Therefore, nothing is “sin,” but just a cause for a consequence to be experienced.
In your question you are assuming many things. “We make our destiny.” Sounds like a “true” statement; but in fact, that statement is very simplistic.
Your destiny has been destined already. Thus, you are making it happen … 🙂 that is how everything is perfect, because “you” cannot mess up… 🙂
That “making it happen” is the “making my destiny” that you are talking about.
Now, if we go a bit further into your question, you are saying: “my destiny.”
Who is that “I” making things “happen”? That “I” is truly an illusion. That “I” does not exist; that is why there is a destiny already, pre-arranged. Nevertheless, when you are in the consciousness of “I do, I make things happen,” then in that consciousness, you think that “you make things happen in life,” but you don’t.
How do I know that?
Because if you understood cause and effect, you in fact could make your destiny to happen, so you could in fact “live with a particular soul in the future” as you currently wish.
If you did that, then you wouldn’t need to “wish” and “plan,” for this should happen automatically.
Therefore, wishing and planning means not knowing if that soul will live with you in the future.
How is that “not knowing,” going to be a sin? 🙂
There are many articles in this blog about the illusion of the “I,” as well as predestination and free will. I suggest a reading on those to fully understand the response to your question.

The above is the long “intellectual” avenue to get to the beach by taking buses.
The shortcut to get to the beach is this:
You can wish all you want. You can plan all you want. If it is in your destiny, it will happen. If it is not in your destiny, it will not. Therefore, I’d suggest to plan and wish for things that are only in your destiny… 🙂

Best wishes!
This is the last question for the year… Other questions will be answered next year!


  1. raj

    Dear Avyakt.Good evening .
    I don’t know why ..but these terms destiny , predestination etc. make me feel demotivated. It does not give me a boost do more or recognize my potential .as per my belief system it makes me content with my current doing more I don’t mean gaining money or any materialistic can be any activity which I might love to do .
    In other blog as u have mentioned that one of the purpose of life is express and observe it.but I could not found any mention about motivation ,aimbtion,attitude,passion. etc. In spirituality. Are these terms not defined in spiritual dictionary? .we have seen so many people done so good for mankind with their these qualities .
    It is sounding like your destiny is kind of black book .which you can never refer never update.if that is..its not awareness .please correct if I referred something wrongly .

    Om Shanti


    • avyakt7

      Dear Raj,
      Forget about those terms. They don’t do anything other than to cause unnecessary thinking. Do what makes you happy. Enjoy life.
      Also be aware that “you” are not in this all by yourself. Make “others” happy so you are happy.

      When you discover that “I” and “others” do not exist, then “you” will be happy without motivation, ambition, attitude, passion, etc.
      but in the meantime, believe in your beliefs…. 🙂
      All the best to you, Raj!


  2. nanda kambli

    Dear Avyakt 7,

    Thank you for this blog with the spiritual knowledge for all religions.

    It is said: Whatever has happened is good, whatever is happening is good, and whatever will happen also be good. So, I say to myself: why worry. Be a Yogi and Be Happy.

    Have a good rest and hear from you in the New Year.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    In Baba\s Sweet Lovely Yaad

    B K Sister Nanda

    Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 02:42:01 +0000 To:


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