Rising above muddy waters


A Lotus flower needs mud to live.
To say that a Lotus flower is “pure” because it rises over mud; is to forget that there is an interdependency between that flower and mud.

That beauty is there because of the existence of murkiness.

Similarly with human beings, we could concentrate on finding their darker side, their vices, and their impurities… completely overlooking the beauty of the lotus flower, which is beyond the existence of mud.

If we only look for mud around us, we will find it by overlooking the flower.

If we only look for a flower, we can easily overlook the mud.

That is our “choice” of vision in life.

Looking for the flower inside us opens the world of beauty, the world of appreciation. Why concentrate in our vices, our impurities when our vision could have the colors of beauty?

Spirituality is the search for inner grace and refinement. That charm in character. That alluring touch of class… A wholesome personality… blossoming beauty!

The above is not a religious pose, a “saintly” behavior or a well-trained monkey taught to smile to collect a few coins. When that inner beauty hasn’t been found, then fake responses will be in abundance.

We cannot fake the beauty of a flower, but we can hide it. We could unwillingly cover it up with the illusions of our own minds, ill spoken words or dishonest behavior. That is we could only see mud… and lose the flower.

The colors of a rainbow are fully appreciated after a heavy rain.
Greater amount of mud means, greater appreciation of the beauty of a Lotus flower.

Life will place people in different circumstances and in different roles. Those roles may be of a “hero,” or a “villain;” nevertheless, a flower remains a flower despite circumstances and roles.
A flower residing in mud, in pebbles and stones or in a forgotten pot in a far away corner… is still a flower.

The only difference is in self-recognition. Do I see myself as who I am; a flower, or I just “act,” as a flower? In that acting is how we easily become a weed and lose the flower.


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