Questions from Brahma Kumaris readers

1. Dear brother, I am more than 25 years in gyaan. I go to attend daily class murli at centre once. I do read murli at home. Practically i live alone. Only my dad is here. I cant surrender in centre. I work as teacher in secondary school. I am standing at cross-road of life— whether to marry or not. I am in contact with a BK sister who lives in foreign country. I got her on facebook. I find her a suitable match. She promises for a pure life after marriage. She is 4 years in gyaan. Although she is from poor family background, she is of good character who understands gyaan well. Please advise me to marry or not. Is marriage bad for me? Or is it that according to baba’s murli and latest signal i should not create new accounts? Many thoughts come to my mind when i read murli because of which i become afraid of marriage. Baba is Dharmaraj too. I am willing to marry not for lust but for practical reasons because i am not a surrendered brother. Please do advise me what should i do. Thanking you in anticipation in baba’s yaad, sweet brother.”

Dear reader.
Is Avyakt7´s advice so important to you? Do you feel that Avyakt7´s advice would be able to change your destiny when it has been made already?
To value your understanding of the knowledge that you follow, is vital for your own development.

Best wishes!

2. “I always face dilemmas in making small and big decisions. My mind changes every now and then. After taking decisions I think opposite one would have been better. Like this, it would be very difficult to deal with any situation. Please help me on this. Thanks.”

Dear reader,
As you forget about ¨making decisions,¨ and allow your intuition to take over, to feel what is…then that feeling will be so strong that even if it does not turn out to be as you ¨wanted,¨ it will be the right thing to do according to your destiny and the Universe.
Oneness implies more than “I.”
Best wishes!

3. “baba i want to marraige subhra suman khuntia ,would u request plz give sugges.”

Dear reader.
Unfortunately Avyakt7 is not a match maker 🙂 Please see question 1 above.

Best wishes!

4. “is it something that people who are emotionally weak or less intelligent( i strongly believe that intelligence is not that part which is equally belong by everyone “scientifically”) more prone to spirituality as they looking for extra support to deal with life or expetations created by surrounding,also who are more intelligent can be able to deal with everyday practical life or competition more efficiently which creates ego ( can say “confidence”) can easily say that spirituality is the ” weakness job ” , do we look for”god(imaginary power)” when we are weak , a’companion’ in our weakness, actually we look for it when something is not going on with expectations and we want someone to change for it…. can spiritually be followed by someonne who has everything going on as planned can you have your elaboration on it …”

Dear reader,
Perhaps this conversation between Mathias, the wise tree and Ananda could send some light into your question.
Ananda: If destiny is already made, then what is the function of God?
Mathias: The same as yours…
Ananda: Which one? To experience the experiences of life?
Mathias: To exist
Ananda: But.. that idea that God will help you…
Mathias: It is in you…
Ananda: It is an idea…
Mathias: It depends… If it is in your destiny…
Ananda: If it is in your destiny….yes…But it can be there and then it can go away, it could change..
Mathias: That is what some people call your “fortune.”
Ananda: Yes.. and also ¨Maya,¨(illusion.)
Mathias: That could be for them. But no for you..neither for Mathias. Perhaps Mathias has to ask God for the Sun to come out tomorrow?
Ananda: No friend. The Sun will be there …even though many times we do not see it…

Best wishes!

5. “Dear Brother, What is neutral karma ? How to perform neutral karmas in our daily lives ? And In golden age why is it that there is no consequence of karma ? Even though we are soul concious we still play our part and hence karmas should be associated !! Thank You.”

Dear reader,

Avyakt7 would like to invite you to do a search on “neutral karma” as a keyword in this blog. There are many articles already here which will answer your questions…

Best wishes!


  1. Metta IV

    Dear Reader for Question 2,

    Everyone has problems making big and small decisions, it is a part of being human. And everyone’s mind changes. Change is the nature of life, it’s the natural flow of things, and making decisions is also a part of the flow. While it’s true that you cannot take back a decision or an action, or a word, once you have done it, the truth is you can always stop, bring yourself out of the past and the future and back to the present and make a new decision. You are never stuck, the only thing that limits you in this universe is yourself. You can always make a different choice, do a different thing, say a different word to change your entire life.
    Here are a few guidelines to help you make better decisions in your life:
    1. Ask yourself, what choice will bring peace and happiness to myself and all of those involved by this choice
    2. Be impeccable with your word, say only what you mean and think carefully before you say anything. Pass it through the three gates before you say anything: Is it true? if so ask yourself then, is it kind? if it is both then ask yourself is it useful? If it meets all three by all means say it.
    3. Don’t take anything personally. No matter what decisions you make you cannot make everyone happy in life. Everyone is living their own dream, and it has nothing to do with you.
    4. Don’t make assumptions. If you assume something to be true, you aren’t taking the time to really invest yourself in your decisions.
    5. Do your best. No matter what you decide to do in any situation, if you always show up and bring your best, then you can say, “You know I gave it my best, and there’s nothing better I could have done.” In this way you’ll never have any regrets.

    So reader, just relax, stop taking everything so seriously, and go with the flow. Ritam.


  2. Metta IV

    Dear Reader for Question number 1,

    Your life is not set in stone. Your destiny is not already made, it is you that makes it. It does not matter what your life story is, what schools you attend, rituals you practice, or even beliefs you hold. You are a divine being, aham brahmasmi… so you’re issue seems to be about marriage.

    Regardless of your upbringing, and tradition, you need to understand that marrying for any reason other than love is a dangerous one. Love cares not about religious upbringings, poor family backgrounds, or even past mistakes. You shouldn’t let the opinion of another decide anything for you. The answer will be in your heart. Take some time, get quiet, forget everything and everyone, and just ask yourself, do you want to be married? If you do, and I think you do because it is enough of an issue that it’s causing you strife in your life, than ask yourself this question, why? Why do you want to be married? If you want to be married for any other reason other than love, my advice to you is to not, because you are not ready. Marriage is a commitment of love. We come to this planet, as individuals so that we may experience the One. We experience the One in many ways and one of those is love for another. A single other one. You can love the whole world with the love and peace of Brahman, but the love for just one other is magical. Individual love is powerful, which is why you are here on this planet, to experience life as an individual. In the end, it’s about following your heart, follow your feelings. Ask yourself, whichever you feel most strongly about will be your answer. Your heart will have the answer. However, in any situation if you ever feel lost, just ask yourself this one question, “What would love do?”



  3. Metta IV

    It is my observation that only people in suffering question life. Only those who are in pain, who are not in bliss, not living joyously wonder, “what is the meaning of life?” “Why did this happen?” “Why is there suffering?”
    This statement is true. When you’re living life and you’re in bliss, when you’re completely satisfied, you don’t question your happiness, you only question when you are unhappy.

    I think it’s important to understand that destiny is a condition that only exists in the present, and that it, along with a person’s dharma, continually change. As the person grows and evolves, their desires change and evolve, so does their dharma.

    You shouldn’t be afraid to question though, if you are lost and can’t find your way, should you be ashamed to ask? Anyone who thinks that questioning anything and everything, has something to hide. The Truth cannot be hidden for long, and can never be hidden permanently. Questions, I believe are an essential part on the spiritual path. How can you possibly awaken to the truth of who you are without questioning?

    I have set to lay out a guide for life, and hope to answer any and all questions, especially the difficult ones, and would hope those with questions would bring them to me.


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