The value of the painting


We have a predetermined concept of something which we consider valuable in life. For some, that value is called a “goal,” or a “mission in life,” or an “accomplishment,” or some idea of universal service to humanity, to “change it,” to “transform it,” etc.

With that “mission” in mind our lives become an “end” in itself, and the “means,” that is the “walk of the traveler” has a meaning only if the “mission” is accomplished.

We have created words to make that illusion as something “real,” we call that “life purpose.”

Have you observed a painting?
What makes that painting “valuable”?

Note that “value” is something created by our minds, just as beauty is a concept to live by for an intellectual mind.

Beauty is an experience, not a thing. It is a personal experience. Very personal, just like God.

Value is also personal.

Mathias the wise tree, was sharing with his friend Ananda.

Mathias: What is the value of a painting, Ananda?
Ananda: It doesn’t have a value in itself, but the one given collectively, by a group of people, the “experts.”
Mathias: Is it possible for a painting to have a “goal”?
Ananda: No, unless that goal is accepted by others.
Mathias: What is the “mission” of a painting?
Ananda: whatever the author desires…
Mathias: and… if others do not see that “mission”
Ananda: Then, the painter could get upset if he depends on the value that others give to his painting.
Mathias: Your life is like a painting. The “value” of the painting is artificially given by many, but a painting is only supposed to show itself.
Your life is being painted by you. Your value of that painting is all that matters although, that painting truly does not have a value… It is beyond that concept. Your life is meant to be lived, to be expressed and shown. That is your mission, your accomplishment, your goal….and at the same time, there is no goal, accomplishment or mission unless you give that information to your mind.

Ananda: I want my painting to be beautiful…
Mathias: Then, discover and uncover what is already painted and being painted at the same time. Show it, so it can be appreciated.

Ananda: But… others will compare. They will label me and put themselves higher or lower or at the same level… They will call me this or that, defame me or praise me…
Mathias: Oh my friend… That is their own issue… but it could be yours if you want it…


  1. vvrisor

    “Your life is like a painting. The “value” of the painting is artificially given by many, but a painting is only supposed to show itself”
    Lovely avyakt7….


  2. avyakt7

    Good to know that you are getting the essence of this writing.. Great minds think alike… 🙂 but only great hearts get it without so many words to understand! 🙂


  3. Tony Nguyen

    There is no meaning of living because living itself is “the meaning”. Beautiful relation with painting, Beautiful article as usual 🙂


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