Discovering Spirituality


The word “spirituality” could be a source of worship, a “nice word,” to call someone or to feel good about ourselves.

“He is spiritual.” Means nothing, as spirituality could be viewed in different ways by different people.

When the painting shows itself in the raw, without make up, there is an automatic impact for most everyone is used to behave and believe as “we should.”

That impact creates labeling from “others,” and the painting may change to “fit in,” to be part of the “crowd.”
To be marketable. 🙂

That is why, spirituality is viewed under a safe perspective. The religious person who practices some devotional thing everyday to please his God or the layman who decides to wear some clothing to look different or the person who knocks at someone else’s door to “teach the truth” according to a belief.

“You ought to believe in something,” the father tells his son.

Let me ignite the candles, let me light up the incense, let me do some ceremony at midnight to thank the Earth and the Universe, let me teach you what I know is the truth, let me “act nice” while in my spiritual cloths, let me identify myself with a religious view or a belief….let me follow the Guru, the latest “spiritual book,” the latest CD, let me “talk the talk,” let me pray to God, to the Universe, to the stars; let me ask for things for my family, for myself, for the world …. That is nice and very spiritual!

For the spiritual walker, spirituality is just a label which represents a natural and healthy attitude towards life.
Spirituality is not a practice but living life in itself with enjoyment, gratefulness, enthusiasm and appreciation.
That is all!

There is no belief system which can bring those attributes into someone automatically. Beliefs are just meant to change the mind set of an individual, beliefs are tools to place the individual under a different perspective but they cannot emerge newness.

A spiritual walker sooner or later will realize that the analytical mind and trying to grasp life through the mind will kill feelings and when those feelings are gone, there is no possibility to live life to the fullest, for to live means to feel.

That seems like an artist mantra, but it is not. To discover enjoyment, gratefulness, enthusiasm and appreciation are not depending on anything: in my music, my paintings, my poetry, my writings… but in being able to breath in and out… to enjoy nothing but the moment, to experience the experience and to let life continue on, that is to live. There is no judgment or complaint. It is just what it is… so let me enjoy it!

That attitude of gratefulness and appreciation to this experience called “life,” is the bread and butter of enjoying life.

For that a “breaking point” will be experienced by most “spiritual walkers,” for previous attitudes, beliefs and mental walls, will need to be destroyed. This destruction is a healthy destruction, which allows for the new to emerge. Not everyone has the capacity to go through this, but if in your destiny; you will find out.

Never tell a spiritual walker how to walk, for the one who knows himself, knows where to place his next step.
That takes courage. That takes trust; but more than anything, it takes the capacity to enjoy life! 🙂


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