There is no “I” without “you.”

One of the deepest aspects in spirituality resides in forgetting the mind, logic, analysis and reasoning to be able to really “see” for the fist time.

Just like looking at the Ocean is enough to understand what “wetness” is all about, without the need to define, contrast, label, etc. likewise, a different understanding where reasoning is not involved, will emerge.

“You” are an individual, but at the same time and with the same intensity, “you” are Oneness.
“You” cannot exist without “others.” It is impossible. That is why, “you” cannot be “alone”… 🙂
“You” exist because “others” exist.

Whenever someone “think” of himself as one individual; that “individual” mind is missing the other half of the answer.

What is the practical aspect of knowing this “theory”?

Mathias, the wise tree was sharing with his friends Raysha and Ananda.

Mathias: “The word –you- is referential but also it separates. The difference between using “you” as a reference or as a way to separate individuals is made in your feelings.”

Ananda: “Feelings unite, but they are expressed through words…”

Mathias: “When you use the word –you- as a reference but included in your own being; then there is a warm welcoming in your words.”

Raysha: “People are used to say negative things about themselves or negative things about others…”

Mathias: “… then they are just talking negative things about themselves…”

Ananda: “That is because they only perceive “you” as being different, another individual than themselves…they can only see one side of the coin but never the whole coin…”

Mathias: “Words are extremely important in feelings. A word uttered with feeling has the capacity to heal. A word with a negative intention is sickening. Your intention is very important and that goes along with your consciousness. Words need to be used skillfully and not be spent uselessly, just because someone is bored and wants to say something.”

Ananda: “Aha! That is why words can create “karma” without being actually “actions.”
Raysha: “ and.. that is why… what you do onto others, you do it to yourself, or succinctly explained; there are no “others.”….!!”

Many times we are caught with “ spiritual laws.” The law of karma is one of those in the conventional “Spiritual” talk.
That law could be necessary to understand intellectually when there is an individual “you” dealing with another individual “you,” living in separation. Oneness is not included in that understanding.

But to see Oneness, paradoxically is to understand the depth of the law of karma.

When we see oneness; there is no need to understand laws and to live with fear of breaking the laws… for no one in his right mind could attempt to hurt himself… 🙂

One comment

  1. Joseph T D

    This is wonderful–too good. “Even words can create karma, hence when one talkd negatively about others, he is actually talking negatively about himself–what you do onto others you do it to yourself.” Real wisdom, panacea!


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