The consciousness of the unconscious mind is the heart


Ananda was waiting for his plane to arrive at the airport.
He decided to visit one of the book stores there.

The first magazine he saw was “Scientific American.” Even though Ananda is not into scientific thought at all these days, the cover of the magazine sparkled a realization in him.
The cover of the magazine said:
“Our unconscious Mind: It exerts a profound influence; shaping decisions, molding behavior and running our lives.”

Here is the link to the article:

Moreover, the article mentions that “people” often make decisions before having thought about them consciously. All of that decision-making stuff comes from “unconscious thoughts” that we are not even aware of.


So much for “conscious” free will. So much for living consciously in the “now.”

Before Avyakt7 goes into another “reasonable, logical, analytical answer” with lots of supporting evidence given by experts in the field of psychology… Avyakt7 wishes to take his mind away from all of that and just use his good old heart to feel the answer of the meaning of that brainy research.

It does not matter if the conscious or the unconscious labels are the culprit of “me” being the way “I” am.

It does not matter if an “unconscious” role is playing automatically making me believe that “I” make decisions consciously.

It does not matter if “free will” exists of if it doesn’t. It does not matter if predestination exists or if it doesn’t.

None of that brainy stuff made for never-ending discussions really matter; it is what it is and the only thing that really matters is if I am enjoying it as it is.

You see, some may think, “we are puppets of destiny.” Others, that we “make our own destiny,” we can believe whatever we want .. it really does not matter… to think that one side is the truth and the other is false, will not make any difference in our lives. Nothing at all.

The only thing that really matters is my capacity for enjoyment of what is, however it is. Enjoyment of the experience of life as it is, allows the heart and the feelings to emerge and to taste life by being part of it.

The brain is only concerned with descriptions, analysis, logic. Just talk about life.

Ananda went to the beach. The Ocean was pretty cold for most “people.” There was an “unconscious” /intuitive/hunch there pulling Ananda into the waters of the Ocean.

Anada went into the water and came out right away…It was cold! However, the “unconscious” pull was there again and Ananda swam a bit and all of a sudden the cold sensation disappeared… Ananda relaxed himself in the Ocean and started to enjoy the cold temperature, as he has never felt it before… It was a delightful experience!

Thank God, that Ananda did not reason about catching a cold or having a heart attack … according to the advise of the experts… otherwise that experience would have been gone.

An intuition/”unconscious mind”/role/hunch has its own timing. It is never the same the next day. Enjoyment cannot allow for repetition for every single experience is different in its own way.

The search for repetition of the same exact experience is just sickness of the mind, the “conscious mind.”

Enjoyment is an attitude. It is Spirituality without definitions, analysis or dogmas. Enjoyment is not caught up with something special or specific. It is to find that special something out of everything happening and in that way to make life a very special experience worth sharing it.

The dynamic of love resides in the art of enjoyment.

That is the utmost spiritual walk.


  1. Joseph T D

    When every one despises coldness of the water, one venturing to swim in it and enjoying the coldness made more sense to me. Because, ever since I tried cold-water bath, I have not gone back to warm-water bath. And I really enjoy my cold-water bath. I have found that colder the climate, more compatible our skin becomes to cold-water bath.
    Analogy is superb.
    In practical life, we can enjoy any difficult situation–this I liked more.
    You are doing a real SOCIAL work!


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