Metamorphosis of being: From Avyakt7 into Ananda


As part of sharing for the “common good,” Avyakt7 is currently using “Blog Talk radio.”
The aim is to have a 30 minutes talk every week in English and Spanish. Callers are welcome when there is a live talk- Will be announced via Facebook. Otherwise, you can download the recording and listen if you wish.

The first talk is here. Enjoy! 🙂


  1. vvrisor

    Lovely Ananda(avyakt7),
    It was a pleasant surprise to hear the voice of Ananda, for hitherto we were only reading his jottings only!
    Another medium to send lovely vibrations to the spiritually thirst lives…..most welcome…..with LOVE.


  2. bloggyhead

    Agreed this is an awesome idea. To try a new medium. I think then you should post these videos on youtube. Way more people can benefit from the wise musings. But i just feel you need to get out there. Lotsssssss of people are inetersted in this stuff but just dont know about this blog. Good to try new experiments. Its the new year after all.


  3. avyakt7

    Thank you All! Getting used to Ananda…still is a growing baby 🙂 Blogtalkradio will allow listeners to participate by calling. Those who are interested will do so….It is nice that it can be recorded as well… We shall see about youtube, Good idea! however, there is no much interaction there… We shall see… 🙂


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