It comes down to your intentions


In a world made up by our thinking minds, rules exist in a society, when that ability to flow with the totality of life is lost.

Commandments are made, beliefs, taboos and dogmas established which will create an opinionated mind which is not free to experience life without labeling, but is always looking for a “reason” for an explanation to fit his own pre-established limits… that type of mind cannot experience the fullness of life because that mind needs to be convinced with “thoughtful” explanations to fit his own “picture” of life.
Yeah… I believe as long as it fits me right… 🙂 that is as long as it fits what “I” believe to be right.

The thinking mind thinks: “Killing is bad.” Therefore, here is the law: “You shall not kill.”

That is “good”! 🙂

Obviously the exceptions are: … Go ahead and name those… war, self-defense, hunger, etc. Every rule has an exception and if it doesn’t at this time, it will appear at some point in time. In the meantime, a thinking mind thrives in absolutes, that is: It is either black or it is white. Certainly it cannot be both, neither something in between. Although life repeatedly will show us that there is no such a thing as “black or white,” we still rather lie to ourselves just to comply with a belief.
Things get complicated when there is another belief mentioning that “we are eternal,” then you wonder if there could be “killing” for an eternal being? But let us not complicate things with deep stuff… 🙂

The issue is that our minds catalog an action as “good or bad” without looking at the finer side of it: Our intentions.

If your loved one is in the hospital dying and is hooked up to different machines to give her an artificial life, then should you pull the plug or not? Would you be following your commandment or not?
Tough decision. huh? 🙂

The problem is when it comes to a thinking decision. If we were to connect with our feelings with that person experiencing her last moments in life, we will know and we will feel at ease; but because we cannot do that because we have lost that ability thanks to “too much thinking;” then we need to carefully consider the “side effects” of our activities. 🙂

It is a matter of weighing the “pros” against the “cons.” Thus, many times we forget about the dying person just to look “honorable” in other “living” people’s views. That is the thinking mind.

Behind every action there is an intention, a feeling (These are not just words to express intentions, because that is thinking) and that is what the totality of life, the “Drama” of life will shape itself accordingly.

It does not matter how witty you are to rationalize the “goodness” of your own activities. It does not matter how many lawyers someone has to “protect him.”

Everything comes down to your intention, a feeling while performing the action; however, we tend to cover them up through a rationalization.

No one can lie to himself about his own intentions. For sure the totality of life, the Drama of life “knows.” That is what some may call “God knows.”

As long as our intentions do not benefit the totality, then our activities will be selfish. All we care about is our individuality. Of course, the mind has been trained to do a great job to promote that individuality. That is what it has learned through so much “education” in our long history.

Monkey sees, monkey does….

But, we forget about the intentions of that monkey; however the totality of life does not.

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