Let the music take control, let the rhythm move you…


The above words of wisdom are from the lyrics of a well-known song…

To explain life in a paragraph without using beliefs could be a senseless trip.
Nevertheless in the experience of something which we could perform in a day-to-day basis, we could understand the greater picture without boring and brainy intellectual comprehension. 🙂

Life is playing a song. That song could be different for every individual. As a matter of fact, even though it could be the same song, the music will be heard through different ears… That is lesson number 1 in the “Mambo number 5” song.

Lesson number 2 resides in the steps that we perform, commonly known as “actions” or “karma.”
“One step to the left, two to the right. Swing your arms to the front and then turn around.” Those are nice steps to learn. We could learn those steps from a religion or from the school system or from some place. I hear the Guru saying: “Repeat the steps over and over and you will see that they will become second nature to you.”

Great! That is fantastic… Shall I do the same steps to every song that life plays? Here comes the Pop song, followed by some “bachata” and then some “ragtime” music.. and all I know is “One step to the left, two to the right…” 🙂 Maybe those are good steps for some “electric slide” in a group dance… Everyone follows the same steps… Don’t think just follow… Forget about thinking!! The issue is that we forget to feel the music…

Lesson Number 3 comes in handy: Music is something that you feel. Just like life. If you “think” the steps that you are to perform while listening to Music, you will not be dancing. You will not have the openness to let the music “take control and the rhythm move you” in a different way through every song in life.

Then lesson number 4 appears as a question: So that means that I can move however “I feel” like? 🙂
If you move with anger, with force, with violence; you will not be able to dance for too long. In fact, your movements cannot be harmonious; your steps cannot flow through every song, through every transition. You may call that a dance, but to dance means to move flawlessly, with easiness and without exerting yourself, it means balance of rhythm and breath. You may have lots of rhythm but without stamina, your dance will not last for too long.

If you feel enjoyment and appreciation of the song being played, your steps will follow, as you will pick up the rhythm….
You will be dancing every song with different steps! Isn’t variety the spice of life?

And finally lesson number 5: Become “one” with the song. That is “merged” with the music. In that way, there will not be “someone” dancing different songs; and letting life “move him,” but rather there will only be music. The dancer will be part of the “package” so to dance does not feel as if someone is “obligating” someone to dance as a final destiny; but rather the enjoyment of hearing the music will be in dancing it… There is no dance without music and no music without rhythm. Ego is the main element of separation of the dancer and the music.

Being alive is dancing. Knowing how to live means to enjoy the music and the dance. 🙂


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