The beauty of voidness


Matter is 99% composed of empty space.
Isn’t that logical?
Ask a scientist for a logical answer. He could give you a “reason” and then, you could accept that answer as the “correct” answer. Intellectually, that is just information; practically, there is more in that.

A human being is mostly empty space. Our eyes have the ability to recognize a form, and we become very entangled with that form by labeling it as “pretty” or “ugly,” “good” or “bad.”

Beyond that form there is no-form, which is that emptiness, that voidness. A human being is composed mostly on empty space, not made mostly of water as we have learned, but if we go deeper; between the molecules of Hydrogen and Oxygen, there is empty space. It is that emptiness which brings value to everything, for that emptiness, that voidness is part of everything, that is the “Totality.”

Our mind will create a personality based on that form. That personality is the means for human relationships. Nevertheless, that “form” should come from “no-form” from emptiness, that is from the “totality” to be “harmonious.”

If the above does not make any sense, is because there is so much “thinking” there… 🙂

In a nutshell, an “empty mind is a healthy mind.”
There is “peace” in emptiness.
Why is that type of mind healthy?
Because it reflects that voidness. It reflects that belonging to a “Totality” and not only an individuality as the “normal” human being does.

It is amazing how a squirrel is capable of jumping from branch to branch in a tree without “thinking” about it. The squirrel is “one” with that emptiness.

It is amazing on how a human being will not be able to enjoy swimming in the ocean, when he thinks too much…Something like: “ I wonder if there are any sharks around? “ or what about if that stingray comes close to me? Then, the mental “movie” is in motion and we are unable to relax and enjoy.
We cannot go back to that voidness anymore.

When we are part of that “totality” then we are immortal. That “no-form” cannot be destroyed. Neither the “form” could be destroyed, for it can only transform into something else. Matter transforms. No form, the “Totality” remains.

That is how there cannot be destruction. It can only be transformation.

When our mind in entangled with only a “form,” we miss the other side of duality; “no-form.” If we experience only “no-form” without being conscious of having a “form” then , we are “unfit” to live life in a society.
That is the paradox.

I hear, “But I am a soul.”
That voidness has a “center,” you could call that a “soul” but there is “nothing” in that center as well.
For example:
The “eye” of a Hurricane is the center of that Hurricane, but that center has nothing in it… 🙂

The “center” of a human being could be called a soul, but there is nothing in it. That “soul” is part of the “Totality.”

A balanced individual knows about that “form,” that individuality, but at the same time; is aware of that “no-form,” that voidness.

It is in our awareness of that “no-form” how we can develop a “form,” and it is through that “form” how we relate with the world.

Being “good” or “virtuous” is nothing but being part of that “totality,” that “no-form.”
When we have experienced that “no-form” then our “form” will have those qualities of being part of the whole, the “totality.” Ego and its separation, is not there anymore.

Most religions and philosophies are only concerned in changing the “form” of an individual from a mental aspect, through the hammering of beliefs; however, it is in the awareness of that which we belong to; the “totality” when that change happens without beliefs.

Ask the squirrel. 🙂


  1. B.K.Gayathri

    Dear divine family,
    Om shanti.
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    All the best!

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  2. eva szauter

    That’s made a lot of sense to me . You most probably answered to this question before ; however please refresh my memory . How can i achieve that emptiness ? You have mentioned acceptance … i understood . I just wish to feel all that what you already experienced .Thanks kindly


    • avyakt7

      Emptiness is not something to “achieve.” It just happens when there is awareness. As our life changes from the mental “human being made up” world, and we look into Nature, that is “reality,” then we could be in tune again with that which is already in us.
      All the best,


  3. vvrisor

    Dear avyakt7,
    This post on “The beauty of voidness” is a very deep and thought provoking post. Immediately, I recollected the term “ONENESS” and now the term “VOIDNESS” which glitters ‘NEW RAYS’ on the spiritual path for an individual to tread. Lovely post!


    • avyakt7

      Dear Vvrisor,
      You made my day!
      In fact, this is an Ananda type of post, it has more depth than the usuals as you recognized.

      Voidness is yet another word to describe that Oneness, not from an ego driven, individual type of oneness, but from the Totality, the Drama, that emptiness which is full of life  but empty of individuality, of egotistical separation.

      Thank you Vvrisor for being there!


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