The fear of emptiness


Today, Ananda will be “unleashed” rather than Avyakt7.
Bear with this… 🙂

All monotheistic religions are based on the support of individuality as ego.

Here is the mantra:
This is God. That is “you.”
“You” need to do what pleases God.
Otherwise, “you” will be punished… Hell.
But, if you “do” what pleases God, then “you” will be “saved.” That is “you” will be in Paradise.

As the above gets more childish, “you” even could resurrect with your dead body and meet all your relatives who were “God fearing” people on Earth, in a “better place”…Heaven.

That “doing” what pleases God remains the main religious activity. It is no longer about “being” virtuous,” but doing things like: opening temples, spreading the word of God, etc.

Now, if you thought that non-monotheistic religions are the “true” ones; let me share this:
In the absence of God, you have the “Buddha,” you have the Guru, the abbot, the priest, etc.

Then the above “mantra” remains. It is always about “doing” things, becoming involved in spreading the teachings, doing some devotional practices, igniting the incense, listening to feel-y songs….. and dressing in a particular color which means “something” so we feel “good,” that we belong, that we are part of the “few.…”

If the above is our idea of spirituality, we may need to reconsider.

“You” cannot go to Paradise. 🙂 That “you” is made up of all your beliefs, fears, expectations, ideas, etc. under this life, this circumstance. When the body perishes, that “you” will perish…or hang out as a ghost, dearly attached to what you left behind …. 🙂

But, “you” want to believe that “you” will continue. “You” want to believe that “you” will be someone higher in the afterlife, etc.

That is the “you,” that personality, which needs to “die” in order to know something different, that is to be “reborn” again.

That death comes when your mind stops “doing” things and your feelings arrive, unleashed from the thoughts of your mind; that is when you are able to connect with the Totality, that is with the “voidness,” with the emptiness of a clear mind.

“You” are an individual, but at the same time; “you” are part of the “Totality.”
Our “systems” and religions are made to support the “individuality” aspect of the self, but they do not teach us the connection with the “Totality,” the “Drama,” life, etc.

Rather, to be “disconnected” from that Totality is their task by just supporting one side of the coin: Individuality.

Day light is one side of the coin.
Night time is the other side.
Both make the day.

“You” are awake during the day.
“You” sleep at night.
“You” are an individual during the day
“You” are “Totality,” “emptiness” during the night.

Are you afraid of sleeping? 🙂
Both, individuality and totality make up life.

To be awake means that during the day, we become conscious on how our mind filters information which is not “reality,” but just thoughts, ideas, assumptions.

When we believe that thought, then it becomes real.
When there is a collective belief then that “reality” becomes a system, a tradition….

If you look at the Ocean without thinking, you are empty. Then, “you” can really look. If you allow “that” to be without interference of your own mind, “you” are free, paradoxically by being “nothing” at the same time.

That “nothingness” is emptiness for that second.

Our misery is a thought that we believe in, for that situation does not fit the ideas of “I.”
Our sorrow is our lack of acceptance of life as it is, for it does not fit the ideas made up by “I.”
Our karma means to be closed to life for if we were open, accepting; then we will accept that karma as well…. It is part of life and acceptance means to be liberated. When “you” are not, “you” are free… 🙂

There are no beliefs here. See it in yourself…

Aren’t you afraid of dying?
“I” don’t know. “I” am living right now.

There is no chance for a belief to enter when there is no fear.
You cannot fear something that you don’t know. You can only fear to “lose” what you know.

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