The belief in Science


In the mental world, life could be perceived as something to fear, for nothing is completely reliable. There is uncertainty and there is a mystery to it, which bothers our minds but we rely on our minds to figure the mystery out.

Father: “ I am sending you to religious classes. You have to believe in something.”
Son: “ Why? I don’t need that. I believe in Science.”

In one extreme we have the mysterious beliefs. That is, “magical” stories and experiences out of the grasp of the thinking mind. We could find this in many Eastern beliefs. It is so magical to be true, but yet when there is a strong belief there is a reality.

When someone experiencing that side of the coin of the mental world is no longer satisfied, then inevitably that person will change to a “rational” belief. That is Science, that is the Western world in general.

Interestingly a person is still in the realm of beliefs. What changes is the use of rationality to make sense of life and the world.

Science is continually evolving so there is nothing to call “true,” for it could change the next day.
The mystery of life is non-rational. It is non-logical. Until we see this point, we could be still immersed in scientific beliefs.
Science is not “bad” nor “good.” It has its place in society. The inventions that are made to improve the quality of human lives could be seen as questionable, for Science has a tendency to separate humanity from Nature. That is the consequence of using thought.

An invention most of the time is “massified.” When that happens, then that invention could prove to be detrimental for the overall health of society in time.

A light bulb means electricity. To make that power available means to find ways to create that electrical power. As more people depend on it, then the 80-20 rule (80 % of the wealth is owned by 20 % of the people) comes into effect. That creates “inequality,” the “haves” vs. the “have not” which means further division.

In our society nowadays, the pursue of every “educated” individual is to become a “salesman.” You have to be a “salesman” to “succeed.”
You want a job? Sell yourself.
You want a date? Sell yourself.
You want more money? Sell widgets to everyone by creating a need.

Inventing something new is great, but in our society is of no utility unless that could be “mass-ified,” that is sold to a greater amount of individuals, that is to create a “need” for it.

For that, we need lots of people to sell things to. That is what keeps the “economy growing…” or that is what our mental made up world will tell us.

Nevertheless, the greatest problem in this mental world, is paradoxically our increased population. In the wild, every species will have predators to balance things out.
A human being has no predators other than himself.

Please see how our mental understanding furthers segmentation and separation, creating isolation but at the same time, creating needs and competition to fulfill those “created” needs. That is how our minds could not be healthy if we are assimilated into that game.

The above does not mean that we need to reject the “status quo” of things, but just to be aware of what is going on, so we could liberate our own minds from this chain of human conditioning.

Things evolve, as they need to. Everything is as it should be, however, the quality of being awake in life is not found in a thinking mind.

No wonder mental diseases are not uncommon these days. Our reality conflicts with someone else’s reality. Our beliefs will be in opposition to someone else’s etc.

That is why to be “educated,” to be “religious” to be fit to enjoy life should start by taking a look at our own minds, by taking the time to see its operation, the way depression and anxiety appears, to observe the quality of our thoughts, to observe the quantity of aimless thoughts and to experience how those thoughts influence our own bodies.

That is to be a scientist of the self, just to become healthy again.
Could you “believe” in that? 🙂

Until March 15th or so… 🙂
As always, my deepest feelings of appreciation to all of you…


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