Propelling yourself forward in life

Austria's under-23 lightweight men's double sculls

Early in the morning, Ananda went for a walk to a “daily doses of appreciation. “ He went near a river to just look at Nature.

As feelings of gratitude were arising, Ananda felt part of it. It was the whole experience of appreciating natural beauty, to hear the sounds made by different animals, to hear the voice of the wind, as well as to enjoy the natural “aromatherapy” of being surrounded by trees and plants. The Sun was just coming out as a bright spectator, reflecting its nourishing light into the quiet vastness of the river.

While Ananda was enjoying the morning sitting by the grassy area near the river, a rowing boat appeared. First it was just one person, then a few minutes later another rower and 2 minutes after that, a rowing crew appeared with a person sitting at the end of the boat (coxswain) screaming commands through a loudspeaker: “Come on, go, go”…needless to say, that “noise” disturbed the harmonious balance of the whole experience. Nature produces harmonious sounds. Human beings, most of the time; noises… depending on your tolerance for higher decibels…and the “location” of your consciousness… 🙂

Rowing is a fantastic exercise. Very complete, and if we observe carefully the way the boat is propelled through the action of the oar blades, we could understand one of the most significant life teachings: The past is the way that life has to propel you forward, BUT as long as your attention is in the moment and not in the past or future.

A rower uses his own power to propel himself forward through the paddles (oar blades) of experiences. Every stroke is complete. The rower will breath in and out through each stroke, there is a beginning of an experience and the end of it.

It is very human to hold on to those experiences through the mind, but the rower rowing in the river of life, has a new experience arising and he needs to be able to push the past to propel himself forward… When something which is old goes away then newness appears; otherwise, it is the “same old thing.”

When this exercise is done harmoniously, the rower could last rhythmically for a long time . When rowing is done without proper posture because of being overwhelmed through all the mental worries from the past, then injuries will happen, that is suffering will be experienced in life.

Many times we have our own “coxswain” screaming at us. We call that our “little inner voice.”
We just need to remember that a “good” coxswain is there to remind us to coordinate the power and rhythm of our stroke. The coxswain is not there to remind us of our mistakes or how “good or bad” we are due to some action from the past.

Harmony, rhythm, balance, elegance. Those are the components to move forward through life in “style!”

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