Integrating Individuality into Totality


Our society, our thinking, our religious beliefs and our perception is highly entrenched into the consciousness of individuality.

Considering yourself an individual is great…. However, it is not a complete vision in the landscape of consciousness.
If we observe, part of the issues and problems that we face in life are related with this narrow vision of individuality.

It is “me” who feels alone.
It is “me” who has gone through an “awful” experience.
It is “me” the center of the Universe. The world is dead unless “I” am here.
“I” must do something for posterity, so “I” get to be remembered by future generations…

Obviously, our educational background will strengthen this view and with that our ego will be highly strengthened as well.

The irony of our solution to “egolatry” is to use further thinking based on individuality through moral codes, laws and regulations to “conquer” ego.. 🙂

We cannot extinguish fire with more fire…

At that point of our journey, we will be trapped in thinking and mind games. We cannot ask for a greater experience beyond the “little” self, when all we can see is a world made up with our own “ego” based thinking.

Ego is not “bad.” It is necessary for growth… but too much of anything, could be hurtful to our health…and that is the state of affairs at this point in time. “Ego-time.” 🙂
We have overdone it as a human race.

We are incapable of seeing a world without “me” although while “I” am still here. We are incapable of relating with everything else because we do not see the connections.

What is a tree for you? Branches, stem, foliage, roots? What about water, soil, sun, wind …clouds…
In reality there cannot be a tree just “by itself.” That is an excellent “reality” for our analytical, logical mind; but at the same time, that is a mind made lie.
A mirage.

Nevertheless, we are used to thinking in that way.
Do you see how out of touch, out of reality we can become? 🙂

It is the same matter and energy manifested in different ways, but those different manifestations come from the same source. It is like saying that a cube of ice and water are different… Yes, they are different “forms” but it is the same component. Water manifested in different forms.

A tree is related with the sun, water, soil, the sky. It cannot be by itself in “reality.”

Therefore, when we perceive relatedness of all beings, we are looking in a different way, a different consciousness. When I perceive my own individuality, in addition to; then my consciousness has opened up and through that openness we could experience something different…

What is the practical “spiritual” aspect of this “new” vision?

I cannot help “others.” I am “helping” the totality which includes “me” 🙂

However, when my consciousness comes from being aware only of individuality, then anytime “I” help others, “I” am only strengthening “my” own ego. That is the issue with religious views based on the consciousness of individuality only.
Thus, helping “others” in the consciousness of individuality… is “bad” for you, if you want to “conquer” ego…
How about that? 🙂

I am sure there are many corollaries which we may be able to come up with…

At this point we could see how difficult could be to “explain” an experience from a more open consciousness to someone only living in the world of the consciousness of individuality.

It is like explaining about the color green to a blind person. 🙂


  1. orquidea

    Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Pero la diferencia estaria cuando es Dios quien esta haciendo su parte a traves de un instrumento, en la conciencia de ser un canal. Que pensas sobre esto? Gracias por compartir


    • avyakt7

      Gracias por tu alcanze, Orquidea!
      “Su” parte, “mi” parte…Totalidad. 🙂
      Ser un “instrumento” es un metodo para eliminar el ego. “No soy yo, pero soy el instrumento.”
      Sin embargo, el ego se mueve de “mi” a ser un “instrumento.” Mi ego esta en ser un “instrumento de Dios.”
      Ves? 🙂


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