More concepts, less reality


Ludwig: If there are so many intelligent people out there, why is it so difficult for them to “understand” that there couldn’t be a “creation” of the Universe?

Hans: Are you kidding? There was the “Big Bang” or God created it. Scientists and Theologians are still debating that.

Ludwig: If there was a creator, then simply we should look for the one who created that creator and so on… Why is it more comfortable to believe that God does not need to be created but the Universe on the other hand needs a creator? If there was an explosion, a big “bang” then what was the cause of it?

Hans: The explosion was the cause of everything…You shouldn’t go against the mainstream thinkers, scientists, gurus and philosophers.
You are a nobody.
Ludwig: That is a great argument from your part. I guess I did not realize that. The explosion happened by itself…huh?

Ludwig added more concepts to bother the mind of Hans, which was full of beliefs and preconceptions and wouldn’t listen to anything but what “he already knew” to be “right.”

Why is it so difficult to understand “predestination”? What is the issue behind it?
Ahh! That is because it goes against the existence of ego.
And what about fearing God? What about going to hell?
That “idea,” that consciousness is just an individualized perception along with my own conditioning, my own emotional culture used to seeing “superior beings and inferior ones.” That is those ideas only reflect our own complexes. Moreover, hell …is just a human invention that appeared when paradise was invented.

Hans: Stop that nonsense now!! You just want to distort and destroy all my beliefs and values!

Ludwig: No need to thank me…

When a religious belief is only centered in the concepts of “ self” and “others,” and the basis of those beliefs are lingering around those ideas, then we can see that this particular belief system is made for those who are “living” in the consciousness of individuality.

This consciousness of individuality is not “wrong.” It is just incomplete. There is more to see in the painting of perception, but as long as our “location” of consciousness remains in the same place, we will only see the same thing, a narrow perspective.

Any person is not only an Individual but Totality as well.
Is this difficult to perceive? Why? 🙂

We cannot pretend to allow for feelings of “brotherhood among human beings” under the consciousness of the individual. That requires “Totality.”
If we pretend to do so through individuality, all we can get is a nice label: “he is my brother” but our behavior, our way of “being” cannot change by using just labels.

Therefore, what is needed is a change of consciousness, a change of perception, a change in awareness, then that change will be honest, complete and without the need for “nice” but empty words.

That change cannot happen unless there is openness. That means to discard all those beliefs from our minds, to become like a child again without preconceptions to rule our lives.

This is indeed a challenging phase which is not for everyone, for that means to be “reborn” again…

That is a scary thought when you are surrounded by fears of losing your own “individuality”…. 🙂

Another concept to discard…

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