The game of changing behavior to pretend a different consciousness


Have you experienced the traffic in the city at around 5 PM on a weekday?

Most probably it will be slow. Everyone wants to go home after an “arduous” day at work.

This experience is called “Rush hour.”
Everyone wants to go somewhere, thus “rushing” but reality is that… there is nowhere to go…

The other day, I was observing how the behavior of drivers totally change when a police car is nearby.

All of the sudden, all drivers around slow down their speed even though they are under the speed limit. If someone is ahead of the police car, then that person will try to move to the next lane to be “polite, “ right? And if you are behind the police car, then you should maintain a “safe” distance 🙂

Have you ever been in front of a police car and then heard the siren accompanied by the colorful red and blue lights? 🙂
What did you think a that moment?
Probably something like: “What have I done now!!! It wasn’t me!!” Just to find out that the police car moved to the next lane to take care of some traffic issue.

The above is the perfect example of changing behavior through fear.

This is the way we as humans have been taught to react as if we were one of Pavlov’s dogs.
We salivate like a Pavlov’s dog when there is fear of punishment.

Then the police car goes away… Everything goes back to “normal.” 🙂

Let me use my horn without mercy, to speed up the car in front of me. Let me change my personality to the one of “Speed racer,” and find out how much dexterity I got behind the wheel!
Let me push the limits of the “law” because every law has its loophole…

The above is called consciousness. It is an ego-centered consciousness.

“I’ve got to get to my place now. Everything else can wait.”
No reason to enjoy the driving experience, when “I got to get out of here….” “I got to beat everyone… for I am Speed racer, the king of the streets.”

“Honey… “I” found a way to get home faster….The others are still stuck in traffic”

Meaning: “Don’t you see how smart I am? Congratulate me! Reward me- Look, I am salivating…”

That is consciousness.

Then a religious moral code comes in our mind: “ You must not think that you are smarter than anyone else. For that is ego…. And ego my brother, will take you to hell and not to heaven.”

In that case “Speed racer” will pretend. He will play now the “I am a humble boy” song. Even though, I know that I am “great,” I must not say that to anyone… They will recognize my greatness for sure someday!

That is consciousness.

When we observe the futility of changing behavior by using fear, we could discover that our own consciousness needs to move to a different place.

A place where it is free from beliefs and cultural learned behaviors. A place where I could realize the “game” that I have been playing all along for so many years. A game where I convinced myself that “I am a good guy” or a “bad guy” based on my own beliefs, my own digested “food for thought” from many years of “learning.”

That is why, adopting a religious belief or a new philosophy or view about life or reading a new book, will not do a thing to move our consciousness from its individualistic world.
You may gain information, something to talk about and look “smarter” and pump up your own ego, but nothing else…

If we are conscious, if we take the time to “smell the roses,” then perhaps we could see that we are missing the other aspect of being, that is of being part of all.

When we start living in that consciousness, we cannot be the same again.

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