From flower to flower into freedom


Ananda went for a walk in a magical park, known as the “witches’ park.” It was a gorgeous day in Spring time; all different kind of birds were gathered around the trees, singing melodious tunes in harmony with the bright and clear day.

During his walk, Ananda saw a small bird lying in the sidewalk close to a tree.
It was a hummingbird!

Ananda took the small bird who was powerless but still alive.
Ananda didn’t know what to do with it to “help” it… Then, he recalled the information he read “randomly” the week before about feeding hummingbirds with a mix of water with sugar. What a coincidence! 🙂
That is the source of energy that a hummingbird uses to survive. It is the basic composition of the nectar from flowers.

Ananda took the hummingbird home. In the way over, he was thinking about the “gem” of having a “live” hummingbird in his own hands. Ananda was thinking about taking care of the hummingbird by making it a pet, as he was imagining how cool it could be to have a hummingbird following him around… “Some people have parrots with them, I can have a hummingbird!” He thought.

That sort of “help” was “slavery and dependency by default,” when a hummingbird is perfectly capable of taking care of itself in the wild… but Ananda didn’t think about that.
Ananda took a small container, added water into it and some sugar. He mixed everything up and offered the mix to the hummingbird who was still in his hand.

The hummingbird used his long and tiny beak to swallow the mixture and then, magically; the hummingbird started to fly!

That moment made a change in Ananda’s life, a change of consciousness. That is how life teaches us the lessons that we need to learn!

After this experience, Ananda thought about his “good action” but also, Ananda understood that the hummingbird gave him a moment of sheer elation and a day of magical happiness instead.

A bird flying from his own hands into freedom is an experience that changed Ananda’s life forever.

“Caging” someone is not the way to love; but when you see that someone is flying high from your own hands and protection and you let that one go to accomplish his/her destiny with appreciation, knowing that you were part of that destiny at one point in time; that experience adds automatic cheerfulness, gratitude and love for life.
Letting go of something, is the ingredient for another “new” thing to come in return.

Ananda and that hummingbird were ONE in that moment,for the first time.
They were united by the beautiful wings of freedom.


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