The perception of suffering: A modern disease

Rachel Naomi

How is it possible for God to allow so much suffering in the world?
Oh my God! For how long do I have to endure this experience?
There is so much injustice in this world. “Good” people get to suffer and “bad” people get to enjoy life!

The above phrases are very common nowadays. Atheists usually like phrase #1.
Unconscious people number 2.
The last one, is usually uttered by “moralists in pain.” 🙂

When the perception we have about the world is of continuous suffering and pain, then our minds become sick and mental diseases will arrive at one point of another.

Too much emotional pain is unbearable and the mind protects itself by disconnecting from a painful “reality.”
That is why it is important to learn the art of “enjoyment.” 🙂 That is the medicine.

The location of your consciousness will bring you an experience.
Please take note of the above sentence.

For example, if my consciousness is located in anger, then the experiences which are simple consequences of my deeds, will be perceived as “bad.” Anger brings further animosity. Anger cannot bring love as a consequence.

John was angry with his son Paul. John went into a fight with his son and decided to expel Paul from his house.

The consequence of that was that Mary (Paul’s mother) became upset with John and because she missed Paul so much, she became very ill.
John felt guilty. Even though he knew that his son didn’t act correctly in his house. John felt bad because he thought that he was the cause of Mary’s disease.

Paul developed greater animosity towards his father. He did not want to see John ever again.

Do you see the consequences of the location of John’s consciousness?

Is this consequence “good or bad”? 🙂
It is neither. It is just a consequence, which will bring a different set of consequences to different beings. Those consequences will return to the ones involved. There are no victims.

I can hear you saying: This is known as the law of karma, avyakt7. You are not telling me anything new!
🙂 🙂
There is neither “bad” karma nor “good” karma. Just consequences. Isn’t this new? 🙂

Come on, Avyakt7…Isn’t this consequence “bad” for John?
No, if he learns about his anger from this experience. Otherwise, how is he going to learn?
By reading a book? Or by listening to the talk of a guru?
Not a chance.
But… What about Mary? You may ask. She is innocent but yet suffering the consequences…

Well… Mary had to go through that experience to learn about attachment. How is she going to learn that?
By listening to a class on attachment? Or by praying to God?
She learns by being aware, conscious of her own actions/ feelings/ emotions.

Now, we could attempt to answer the questions from above:

Q: How is it possible for God to allow so much suffering in the world?

A: 🙂 Do you want for God to stop you from doing something that you want to do? You have the consequences to deal with. Do you think that God has to bail you out? How are you going to learn then? 🙂
And because many people in many places do not care about what they do in life… then you have the consequence, that is what you perceive as suffering now. Simple math. It has nothing to do with God.

Q: Oh my God! For how long do I have to endure this experience?
A: As long as it takes you to give up your stubbornness of operating in the same way in life… It will be the same experience until you get tired of it, until you relinquish your old ways. Then obviously, the consequence will change.

Q: There is so much injustice in this world. “Good” people get to suffer and “bad” people get to enjoy life!

There is neither “good people” nor “bad people.” There are merely consequences of our own actions. A so-called “good person” now could have been a tyrant before. When he decided to turn into “good” then obviously, he had some debts to pay from previous deeds which are neither “good nor bad.” Just consequences.
Life says:
“Nothing personal. Just business as usual….” 🙂

When the consciousness of a person is located very close to a picture in the wall; that person does not have the perspective to see things from a different point of reference.
Mary may have chosen to be that close to a picture in her living room (Or it may be her son, Paul or a cat or a dog, etc.) due to some sort of attachment. All Mary sees is that picture. That is her world.

If Mary could have the courage to step away and see the picture from a different perspective, then her experiences will be different as well.

The experience of the consequences of our actions, will give a clue about our location of consciousness. Different location means a different experience.

To wake up in life means to be aware of our own location of consciousness, as my friend Mathias told me one time.


  1. vvrisor

    Moving from the ‘experience of Spiritual clumsiness’ to ‘living in the present’ and ‘experiencing the life with more & more clarity’ …..thank you avyakt7!


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