Interpreting “reality.”


The perception of “what is” will be biased unless the observer is part of that which is being observed.

If we have not experienced the above, then we will always think that “my perception” is the truth.

For instance, a religious book or a religious reading is conveying information. That information has been interpreted; in that way it can be put into words.

That interpretation depends on life experiences and emotional culture of the time of the one writing the book.

“God says to love him and no one else but Him.” It is a phrase that could be interpreted in many ways according to experiences and emotional background.

If my experience of love is exclusive, then that is what my perception will be.
If my experience of God is “personal” then my interpretation will be of being into a “One-to one “relationship.

Please see that my interpretation is based in my cultural background, which will develop my own desires and those desires will shape up my “reality.” That reality will be different even among people who may “believe” the same as myself.

Have you ever wondered how “God” may perceive love to be?
No. It is all about you and your perception.
Do you think that “God” has the same consciousness as you?
Yes. Because it is all about your perception.

That is how religious and spiritual teachings become misinterpreted as words cannot describe a reality beyond words which hasn’t been experienced by the one receiving a teaching.

That is why, all spiritual teachings are merely referential. Those teachings are meant to be discovered through our own life experiences.

Sally believes that to have a small animal in the household is important to liberate the members of the family from receiving harm from others. The animal is believed to be less stronger and it could absorb the harm inflicted to a family.

In a culture were vodou and damage through spirits is common when there is envy of one another, then this practice may have some usefulness.

In other settings and cultural background, to have an animal in the household may not be desirable.

The issue is to constantly believe that something holds true for every circumstance. That is known as a “dogma.”

Sally’s experience in life is not the same as Mary’s and cannot be considered “better” than anyone else’s.

In a different consciousness, words are meaningless. Explanations are not needed.
Because the world is as it should be. What matters in to learn to enjoy that “reality.”
I can interpret things in different ways, but my happiness, my enjoyment remains.

When we have understood the above, then interpretations will be discarded for they do not add anything to my quality of enjoyment of life.

As a matter of fact, many beliefs only do the opposite, that is they become a burden to open our consciousness into a different understanding.

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