Stuart was driving his car on a rainy day. He was driving to work. On the way over a thought got into his mind: “ I am all dressed up, I am going to get wet. My umbrella will not open. How do I solve this problem?”

As he was thinking and thinking on ways to protect his clothes from the rain, Stuart totally forgot about the enjoyment of driving on a rainy day. It is an unusual day. The sound of the rain could be very soothing if you listen to it. To look around in a day like this, could bring a different experience.

No. That is not how Stuart’s mind works. Forget about the “stupid” rainy day… Stuart is going to get wet… That is the end of life as we know it! 🙂

Stuart thought about different ways to protect his designer made clothes from the rain and as he was getting near the parking lot… the “stupid rain” stopped… 🙂

Stuart, buddy…look at all that precious time that you spent thinking about nonsense, “preparing for the future.”

“Don’t cross the river until you get to the bridge.” Many times our minds do not know the simplicity of those wise words.

Valuable time is lost in analyzing things before the fact, in anticipating the future when joy is something that could only be experienced “now.”

No one could be joyful by thinking about it. It is an experience in the “now.”

Our minds will steal that hard-earned joy that we deserve to experience.

Observe people around you. Look at their faces. Most are like thinking machines unable to drop everything at once and become empty.

Their fashion resides in thinking. That incessant thinking is blocking their hearts.

Stuart could say to his wife: “ I love you, dear.” But that was etiquette. Empty words coming from empty feelings. Sometimes those words could be said with emotions but that becomes too “needy.”

Have you ever experienced talking with feelings?

Your voice will change. Others will perceive you as “original.” That is ‘out of fashion’ these days….

To be joyful is to be awaken through feelings. As feelings overtake our little thinking minds, then easiness will appear.
The pipe of joy is currently being clogged up by thinking, analysis, logic and reasoning.

Cleaning that out will truly change someone into a human BEING.

We ARE because we feel. Feeling joy then is to BE in fulfillment.


  1. avyakt7

    Vvrisor: Thanks for getting the main point across and sharing it! 🙂
    Karishma: Glad to see you back! There is no thinking here…. Just experiences and feelings…. You have great gifts as well. You are very loving… Thanks for that! 🙂


    • Karishma

      Ohhh thanx a lot Avyakt7:-) its so nice to read good words specially from u… N u r one of the few who understood that even when we haven’t met ever.


      • vvrisor

        Om Shanti Karishma…this response is from VVRISOR,
        Yes, we have not met avyakt7 physically, but through his spiritual writings & postings which we read everyday, we are meeting him everyday and that is the power of the spiritual vibrations that are generated by his feelings and experiences which are only put in the form of words & sentences……that are posted on the web…..we are fortunate enough… go through his writings and enjoy….in living in the present…….Om Shanti!


        • Karishma

          Omshanti Vvrisor,
          Yes u r rite. Actually only spiritual energy works even when we meet people physically. Thanx a lot for ur valuable advice…living in the present:-)


  2. Karishma

    Omshanti Dear avyakt 7,
    How are u? Great thinking… U have a god gift to express urself so wonderfully . I wish I wud have had it. I am v bad at that. Anyways all the v best:-)


  3. vvrisor

    “The pipe of joy is currently being clogged up by thinking, analysis, logic and reasoning……” and we miss the joy of living in the present…..!


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