Life has its own intelligence


Being an eternal being means that every one of us will experience different experiences at a certain point. Usually we call those experiences, “good” or “bad.” That is only a limited perspective, a still picture in the movie of life. When we only see the still picture; we could suffer unnecessarily. When we see the movie of life and the message behind it in an “unlimited” way, we could understand the “timing” for a particular being and the experiences, which are necessary for their growth.

We need to learn to trust life and in the meantime, to be joyful of the moment which is not related with circumstances or a context around us, but just because we are living life.

Jesse was born with a handicap. His brain lacked a supply of oxygen for a couple of minutes during his birth.
This event had a consequence in his development. He had speech problems and his physical age did not match his mental age.

He was a teenager mentally when he was physically a middle-aged man.

As we could foresee, Jesse had problems relating with people. When he was a kid, some “mean people” used to make fun of him and his speech pattern.

His mother over protected him in such way as to completely void him from being able to take care of himself.

Jesse was growing up with a sense of self-pity and some anger for not being accepted by all.
Jesse felt either sorry coming from others or derision.
Jesse was losing his mind as he perceived the world as being too harsh for him.

Ananda was Jesse’s friend.
Ananda went to see Mathias, the wise tree. He wanted to ask him about his friend, Jesse. Ananda was concerned about helping Jesse.

Ananda: I have a friend who is living a pitiful life. I mean, what is there for him to live for?

Mathias: You are sad about that, right?
Ananda: Yes. Even though I understand that every human being needs to perform a particular role in life which happens due to cause and effect and the capacity of that particular being to experience duality, I feel sad when something like this happens to someone who is close to me.

Mathias: Tell me some good things that you see about Jesse’s life.

Ananda: Well… He is alive. He is still living with his parents, which is something that many people would have loved to but at some point they have to depart and forget about being kids. Jesse likes to help animals and he has a good sense of humor….

Mathias: Good! Then you are starting to see the complete picture from your perspective.

Ananda: But still… Why he has to go through that type of life?

Mathias: There is a tyrant that at one point in time destroyed everything which was at his service. The experience that Jesse is going through is neither “good,” nor “bad,” but necessary. If you just look at the still picture you can get lost in it feeling pity when there is no need for that. See the whole movie. Be unlimited.
Jesse is an immortal being as you know. He has to go through a particular experience to let go of his own stubbornness and for that, he needs to give up, open himself to life. Until that does not happen, he will only experience the same thing, over and over.
He will have that openness when his time arrives. That is why those experiences are there for. Every being is unique and every being needs particular experiences.

Ananda: how can I help to make his experience easier on him?

Mathias: Love and discipline. He only understands those 2 sides. Be his friend, his brother, and his father at certain times. He will listen.

Ananda: But many times he does not listen what I tell him…
Mathias: Drop that ego my friend. You can only communicate your feelings with love. He will do the rest when the time arrives. In the meantime, you could be joyful… and smile… 🙂


  1. Joseph T D

    This is something I have always wondered asking why, why, why…
    You have explained it so marvelously–very nice.
    I am very happy with the explanation–what a practical guidance!


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