Being “someone” in life


When we are “someone,” our possibilities for being something else are cut off.
Most individuals in life have a “dream” to become someone. To become an actor, to make millions of dollars, to be popular, to become a King or Queen, to be a congressman, the president etc. That is “someone.”
That is fine. Great.

However, those labels imply a certain look, a certain life style, a certain background, etc. which paradoxically will limit the possibility of being a “regular joe” out there who enjoys his time without other witnesses around him… or just being someone else…. The possibilities are limitless without trying to be “someone.”

Some individuals usually believe that this “arrival” at being “someone” equals to “being successful” in life. That is a valid point.

However, there is no “arrival” for an ambitious mind. There is always something else. To be “successful” is just an idea. Collective idea may be, which does not mean “reality.”

It appears that most would like some sort of objective in life, a goal, something to achieve. That is part of our educational system, a way of looking at life. Be a “go getter.” “Show them who you are.”

Even in religious spirituality, it is about being “someone” in the after life, whether that is an angel, a deity, etc.
It is the same ego centered ambition dressed up as “spiritual.”

It seems that we are unable to be fully alive in the ‘now,’ even when knowing that this ‘now’ will be the origin for the future.

We have forgotten about ‘being and feeling,’ and we are continuously embracing ‘doing’ that is, getting things the “way I want them” which conflicts with the way someone else “wants them,” and then competition arises which in turn, brings the idea of “winner and loser,” which brings further conflict.

As long as someone wants to become something “fixed,” that person will not be able to enjoy the “now.” Forcing things to fit our ideas means to interfere on what is naturally happening. This will bring a consequence in our lives.

In other words, to be open to the tides of the ocean of life.
If it is a low tide enjoy that, knowing that things will change. If you were looking for a high tide, when the time comes be ready to enjoy it as well, knowing that it will not last forever. Enjoy the change. Low tide does not mean “bad, hell, sinner, devil.” Just as high tide does not mean “good, heaven, saint, God.” Embrace life. Embrace the Totality.

Those changes in life are what typically bring unhappiness to people. Life means changes. That is certain and for everyone it will be different.

The above brings me to the following clarification to some readers of this blog who would like to vent their feelings and opinions in the “comments section.” (I had to delete those)

Some individuals have fixed Avyakt7 in their minds as a representative of a particular religion.
Avyakt7 does not represent anyone.

In his life, Avyakt7 had many spiritual teachers and many religions that he belonged at one time or another. All of those experiences make up who he is today.
That is his personal journey in life. It does not have to be like yours.

This blog represents just that change, that movement.
If someone chooses to label Avyakt7 as being from this religion or that philosophy… That is fine with me, if that makes you happy.

Avyakt7 is happy being a “nobody.”
Nothing to represent. Nothing to believe in.
Nothing remains the same.
Always open. Always joyful. Always at ease.

Thank you! 🙂


  1. avyakt7

    Nice vid Syracuse… Thanks! 🙂
    Yes, Alan Watts had a pretty sharp intellect and quite entertaining as well… Living what you realize is a way of honesty tasted by few… That is the challenge.


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