Observing Life and Death on the road

car and squi

Michael was driving to work happily. In his driving path he saw a little squirrel jumping from one side of the street and quickly running towards the other side. The squirrel did not stop when a middle-sized red car was coming.

The squirrel tried to run away from the car as soon as possible. But it was too late. The car run over the squirrel.

The squirrel seemed dead from Michael’s perspective, when he was about 20 meters away from the “action.”

It is interesting to notice the thoughts coming in that moment and after the “action” was over in Michael’s psyche.

Michael realized: “Everything was so quick. I didn’t have the time to think. But after the fact, many thoughts entered my mind.
What about if the squirrel is still alive?
Why that driver did not use his horn to stop the squirrel?
How is it possible for such a squirrel not to see an upcoming car?”

Michael wasn’t able to realize how his mood changed at that time. He became depressed in a few seconds. He became a “philosopher of life” trying to figure out the “reason” for that incident and why God allowed such a cute little animal to be killed in such a hideous way.

Michael accelerated his car and passed the person driving that red car. He wanted to see him.
The driver was an old individual. He looked all tensed up, holding the driving wheel with both hands and leaning towards it. He had a bad posture.

That individual probably does not even know about that squirrel!

End result:
The driver is gone from the scene. The squirrel is gone from this physical existence. Michael, the observer; is completely angry and depressed… even though he was not involved in this incident.

In life, we are always observers. Things happen and there are no evident “reasons” for them to occur.

We could say: “I think this is the reason why that happened.”
Ok. If others agree, then that becomes the official “reason.”
So what? 🙂

Michael observed life. Michael could have acted in other ways. That is his “choice.”
However, Michael was influenced by the scene. He lost his happiness.

Question: Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that Michael should be a robot and just live life without feeling anything?

Answer: No. Michael could feel happiness. If that is who he is. That happiness is not related with whatever happens “out there,” otherwise; he cannot be happy.

Question: Yes.. I understand. But… I cannot try to cut myself off from “others” just like that. I need to practice…

Answer: No… You don’t. This is just a change of consciousness based on being aware of the Totality of life.
Question: It doesn’t make any sense…
Answer: That is right. It will not. Consciousness is not a “logical reason.”

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