Collective beliefs: Comfort in numbness

collective belief

In the “game of consciousness,” when we are looking at ourselves, we could perceive that mental dependency with various beliefs which are part of our surroundings, our circumstances, our context. To be able to perceive this without denial or rejection but merely as “things that I may need to consider,” is a very important step in opening our consciousness.

“Opening” does not mean to reject but to embrace. To be inclusive.

If Avyakt7 needs to put this in a phrase, it would be something like:
“What I was taught to believe in the past about me, may not be what I perceive to be true in myself now.”

In the statement above, I am not labeling things as “bad” or “lies,” etc. But rather I am acknowledging the value that those preconceptions had in my personal upbringing, in my own path. Things change. We are constantly becoming… thus, “I” am not the same ever.

Caroline Myss has described the above in a very touching manner. If you have experienced her explanation, you will understand. If you have not experienced that, at least you may experience some benefit by “listening” to her viewpoint.

If we cannot see “Totality” in “Individuality” due to some ingrained collective belief; perhaps the vivid description of J. Krishnamurti, may spark that understanding…

Enjoy! 🙂

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