Reality is not real… but it is :-)


As we are discovering, many ideas that we may hold “true” or certain, are at best ambiguous depending on our state of consciousness.

Definitely the world is as we perceive it. However, that perception is not “reality” by any means.

The “sunset” is not real. There is no sun setting in the horizon. However, there is one… because we “see it.”

Let us say that we have the “almighty God” speaking with us. We probably would like to ask questions to him to “prove” that he is God. Right?
What could you ask knowing the above about “reality”? (Reality is not “real”)
God will have to tune into our state of consciousness to be able to communicate with us. By doing so, there cannot be “complete” answers.

Dear God, You “say” that you are omnipotent. Can you create a stone that you cannot lift?
Answer me: YES or NO.
If you answer “NO” then you cannot be omnipotent… but if you answer YES, then you are not omnipotent either, because you cannot lift that rock. See? 🙂

That is the trap of logic and language. A Kid’s game used by grown ups.

Truly, the only thing that we could ask is about “how to increase our consciousness” and then that reply will be catered towards a particular individual at a particular time. It cannot be an answer for all.
Do we want to ask about how to get rich or when are we going to get married or when are we going to die? 🙂

If we are never going to experience being rich in this life, do we want for God to give us suffering by telling us the “truth”?
It will not happen because a higher state of consciousness is respectful of everyone’s experience in life.

If we believe in heaven in the afterlife, then a higher consciousness will obviously relate with us using that same belief in mind, for it is up to us to realize the limit of our own beliefs. There is a growing process necessary, immersed in that belief which has the potential to change at any time according to the openness of our consciousness.
The flower opens little by little so it does not get hurt.

Any society and any religion will have plenty of beliefs. Once we realize that, then the point is not to label those as “false” or “true” because they can be either one according to our consciousness.

The point is to see that those beliefs are there in a life learning scenario, to open up our consciousness.

Since there is nothing that could be truly known, for knowing is “boxed in” a particular consciousness, then it makes sense to enjoy our time rather than spending time thinking about answers of life ‘greatest questions.’
We could enjoy our time. Enjoy living life. That has in itself a “good” karma… 🙂
Some will interpret to “enjoy life” as pleasure. You are an “epicurean” avyakt7!
Another label out of a misinterpretation.

To enjoy is to be fully present to appreciate. That is not a particular thing but the whole context. The whole experience. Totality.

Truly there is nothing to “do.” We are “here.” Let us enjoy that moment. Let us share our joy. Let us feel the “common union” (Communion) with everything.

Lost in beliefs (theories, ideas, concepts, thoughts) we cannot appreciate life as it “is.” 🙂

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