Fixed in the “truth”…

Life stages

If we were truly aware and conscious we could perceive that we are never the same, thus even though there is a “me,” in another reality there is “none” that “I” could call “me.”

That is how “emptiness” comes into “being.” Someone may affirm, “We are empty.” 🙂

What is the truth?

Are we something, no one, several … 🙂 There must be an answer, the only “true” answer someplace…

Out of that simple inner question, at least 3 religions could be born…if not more… 🙂

Why is this?
Simply because we have our minds fixed that the “truth” is some concept. Something that we could write and worship. Something that we could speak and “convert others.”

We could die believing and fighting for any of those concepts. Our life could be full of fights but none of those concepts can “give us anything.”
Nothing at all.

Nevertheless, the history of the world is full of fights due mostly to ingrained conceptual living. Due to a belief about something that we call “truth” and that we are willing to die for it.
Others may call “my belief” as greed. Others may call it something else.

We may believe that to be firm with our beliefs no matter what, is synonymous with “greatness.” An example for “others” to follow.
My statue will be placed somewhere when I die so people can “remember” me. I am such an example! 🙂

A society will push their ideas and ideals as traditions. In other words, “this is the way we do things around here.” That “way” becomes another “truth” to worship and to praise.

Avyakt7 is not saying that those things are “bad.” Avyakt7 is merely pointing out how something becomes a “truth” to believe in.
Beliefs are not “bad.” They are just beliefs.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Does he truly exist?

Meaningless questions.

Because it just depends in your state of consciousness to “see” something or not. A child is not less intelligent than an adult. He just has a different consciousness.

Have you taken your picture with Santa? Have you received gifts from Santa?
Heck, I was even Santa at one point in my career to cater to my little cousin’s beliefs. Of course, after he saw such as skinny Santa who did not have the traditional deep “Ho, Ho, Ho!” voice who happen to look like his cousin… He may have been a bit disappointed until he saw the gifts I brought… He said to me after I took the Santa apparel off: “You were Santa.”
Then I emphatically said “No!!.”
what do you think, did i lie to him? 🙂
If you understood the first paragraph in the article, rigorously, I did not. In the common mainstream, collective consciousness.. I did lie…and for that I should be “punished.”
However… I saved his belief… 🙂
He had this look in his face that showed some doubt in his assessment…
Uff!! I thought in relief… his belief is intact. He got gifts after all… and that is the main focus of the Santa deal…
However, it is my understanding that this belief vanished from his mind as years went by…

What is so important about this belief?
Ask any parent who have kids in the Santa age group. To receive a gift from your own parents is not big deal. But a gift from a magical figure who is thinking about you and who feels that you are a great kid…That is something!

Do you believe that “Avyakt7” exists? 🙂
Who among you know Avyakt7?
No one. Not even “me.” 🙂
But some may believe that they truly know Avyakt7.
See? 🙂
Now the million dollar question: Is avyakt7 for “real”? 🙂


  1. avyakt7

    We always express what we feel…It is in our behavior and attitude. Some may not know how to say it or write it, or paint it…but that is not the point in expression. When we repress a feeling, then our behavior is faked and that is a dangerous business. It will catch up with us… eventually. 🙂


  2. nidhisniceworld

    Once you wrote ‘Observe’, ‘Feel’, ‘Experience’, and ‘Express’. No further need for explanation.

    But if one observe, feel, experience but can’t express himself what he/she feels(on the path of spirituality) and when he/she sit silently very deep down there is a voice came out who start expressing what he/she feeling (like on a particular situation or when reading any article on spirituality or Murlis….etc). When he/she start to express himself, got confused, mind stuck etc etc.
    There is a situation where parents want to his child to get married but he/she does not because he/she’s in the process of self transformation. He/she’s follow (means living) spirituality. Her parent get upset..blame themselves..taking tension, worry…but he/she really doesn’t want to marry. He/she want to live a celibate life. He/she doesn’t say anything about celibate life becoz then her parent starts blaming upon Brahma Kumaris…He/she is not expressive…it is tuff for him to express himself. There is a point when he/she thinking why he does not want to marry but he/she has no answer (sometimes have and sometimes totally blank). Verbally it is tuff to express and in writing also a little bit then he/she find or got any article on spirituality what he/she want to express and thinking that when someone ask he/she show that article. 🙂 🙂 What you say about this.
    i dont know this question is for the common good or not…:-) But if you does not want to say anything on this..its OK..:-)
    Why is feeling difficulty in expressing


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