The “Me” in between you and joy

Kathy has a bright future in life. She is bright, charismatic and pretty. She has all the “ingredients” that our society values for a “good” future.

Nevertheless, Kathy was sad. Her thoughts from a “bad” experience in the past were hunting her. Whenever she heard the name “Bart,” that sparked an emotional turmoil, which could change immediately her usual “happy “ self. Kathy was currently going out with another person, Ralph…. A “good guy, ” smart professional and detail oriented but used to living alone and doing his “own thing” without getting permission from no one… except his big dog, “Rufus.” 🙂

Ralph was going out with Kathy, but all of a sudden he disappeared without leaving a clue. No phone calls returned.

Kathy was disappointed. Kathy realized that everything is insecure in life, that anything could happen at any time to dismantle her wishes and expectations. That frustrated her.

Kathy felt depressed, all alone… by herself. 🙂

Kathy was Ananda’s friend. They met “fortuitously” in the market. Ananda brought Kathy with him to visit Mathias, the “wise tree.”

Ananda: Friend, Kathy has this sadness in her which will not go away. What do you suggest for her to do?
Mathias: Kathy is feeling the overwhelming weight of the “I.” That heaviness does not allow her to be light and easy. That heaviness is a strong burden separating her from being part of feeling the joy of the Totality.

Ananda: How being part of the Totality will make her happy again?

Mathias: Friend… you could explain to her how to become joyful again… That is in your experience.

Ananda: Well… There are no words to explain that. It just happened with your help.

Mathias: It is all in you. Nothing could be given to you which does not already exist in you. The words will flow, explain your experience to her.

Ananda: The “I” or the ego is like a huge column inside an empty room. Anything that happens in that empty room will have that column as a reference. If there is a toy on the floor, that toy is “3 feet away from the column.” You see? It is about the column.
If a fly enters the room, everything is OK until the fly decides to climb the column… at that point that fly must be removed… but if a butterfly is there instead of the fly, then anything must be done to keep that butterfly there…. It embellishes the sense of “Me.”
Remove that column so the room remains empty of references. That is it.

Kathy: I sort of understood your example, Ananda. But… if you remove the column the room will collapse…

Ananda: That is the illusion.

Kathy: How do you do that?

Ananda: It happens… once you are aware that there is more than “you” in life 🙂
If you go to a beach and sit by the shore, observing the Ocean; just sit there and appreciate the moment without comparison or judgment. After some time, bring a common feeling between you and Nature. It could be love, goodness, beauty, etc. Let that feeling expand out of you and then empty your whole being so there is emptiness, just like an empty room….at that point perceive anything inside you which does not fit in with your current experience in Nature, such as a feeling of anger or a recurrent bothersome thought and move that sensation out of you with your feelings… that is called “cleaning yourself” then after that, feel grateful to life and continue feeling and appreciating Nature.

Kathy: Do I have to do that 10 times a day? Is that some sort of “spiritual” exercise for me to do? You know that I am not a religious person.

Ananda: No. You can do that as you wish. It is just a way to remind you that there is more than “you.” This reminder will stick in your being like no words or self-help books could do. It is just to give yourself the opportunity to feel part of all, the Totality.
“You” are “You” but also “You” are part of everything.

The empty room usually feels affected when something enters it, but if after an experience in life that “inner” room remains empty, then you are ready for another experience…. It will be “brand new” and not the “same old thing.”
When you keep on accumulating things, then that room feels overwhelmed with stuff. That room does not have the space to “heal,” to be clean.

Kathy: Can you be more clear?

Ananda: That ego is the one that you feel that you need to protect, the one who is unsatisfied, the one who makes a “big deal” out of life experiences. It is the one who traumatizes our experiences in life when they do not go according to our wishes or likes. If our inner “column” in the empty room becomes damaged through an experience, then the mind cries out for help, for hope, for a savior… at that point you will search for such things to “numb you” from your pain… but the inner column will still be there…

The empty room is joy.


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