Becoming aware of ego


Scott was riding his bicycle in a narrow street. A car passed by him slowly and went away without any significance.

Those are the facts. Nevertheless, Scott had a little voice inside him saying: “What’s up with this guy! Can’t he see that I am in a bicycle? He should have waited for me until I get out-of-the-way.”

Scott wasn’t sure if the driver was a man or a female. But, if he found out that the driver was a female, he would have said: “It had to be a woman… what can you expect!”

If we just observe that “little voice” coming out in a “normal” way, then we could appreciate its power to change everything in us.

Scott was upset. His mind turned into anger mode and his thoughts became polluted by them.

For a “regular guy” like Scott, this is “normal.” He has the right to express his anger, although the incident was completely insignificant. Scott did not voice anything or “acted” in any way, but his whole being was affected.
Of course, Scott did not realize that.

That little voice is called “ego.”
Scott was upset because he thought that he was “someone” in life. He needs to have “respect” from the vehicle drivers. He must be considered by other drivers. Moreover, Scott has gender biases as well ingrained in that ego. According to Scott, we could expect that lack of “respect” from a woman driver.

Forget about the motives of the driver. Forget about the “bigger picture.” It is about “ME.” 🙂

The fact is that nothing has occurred. Nothing has happened but it is all in Scott’s head.

Many individuals “think” that to have that inner voice is “normal.” As a matter of fact, for many meditation is just about directing thoughts, that is that inner chatter to experience some sort of self trance, almost like “positive thinking.”

Scott should have thought that he is a peaceful being. Scott should have sent “good wishes” to the car driver. Scott should have “forgiven” the “bad” action of the driver.

In reality, nothing has happened!! 🙂

That is the ego.
It is that “someone” appearing “ipso facto”, to distort things in a biased way.

Many say: It is impossible not to have that voice inside!
That is a belief. When we become aware of our empty nature, then we could know something different based on a different consciousness.
When we are not “someone,” we are empty. It is in that emptiness how we could integrate ourselves with what “is,” the Totality, the Drama of life.

Someone who is thinking all the time may not know a place of emptiness inside. For that person to think “good things,” “positive things” may be necessary to get out of the “bad things,” but please be aware that there is more than thinking. There is more in consciousness than thoughts.

That is the exploration that any spiritual walker may want to engage in, for when there is thinking all the time, there is no space to experience emptiness and without being empty, there is no opportunity to experience that oneness with the totality of life.


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