When there is some sort of insecurity or the perception of not being enough, there is dependency for that perceived security.

A child will depend on his father to fulfill his basic needs. That child may be dependent all of his life for different reasons, or he may “grow up” and become self-reliant. Nevertheless, many times there is a symbiosis going on where a father may depend on the child through emotional support.

Human beings tend to develop a dependency on something considered “greater” or “helpful.” Dependency is how our consciousness of “individuality” may be challenged, nevertheless; the reason underneath is convenience.

It is convenient that someone else will take care of “me.” 🙂

That perception of being “taking care of” tends to be demanding over time. The sense of “ownership” arises on one side while dependency increases on the other.

In a human relationship, that setting could be called “love” but it is only dependency.

In the realm of spirituality there is the same type of dependency.
Some may consider someone to be enlightened and then, they will blindly follow everything that “guru” says, writes or communicates through his\her followers.

That dependency occurs because of the inability of some to “walk their own walk.” It is safe to follow others who we may consider to be enlightened. It is safe to follow an organized path where things are pretty much established.

Not being able to live with uncertainty will make someone compliant to anything perceived to be greater than themselves.

That is how religions have exploited the idea of God.
It is true that some may have had a divine experience with what was perceived to be God at the time, but that experience does not come with a belief in it, with a philosophy, with an idea to follow “someone.”

That is human interpretation.

Dependency arises when there is a lack of self-worth. It is the ego who wants to be
“saved” through belonging to someone or somebody.

It is more “convenient” that way.

The path of the spiritual walker is not something that is made in a “cookie cutter” machine.
It is a unique path where our realizations become our door to further understanding. Those realizations are specifically about inner discovery and integration with all, Totality; that is the 2 sides of the same coin of “Being.”

That is why reading books, attending religious ceremonies, listening to “spiritual talk” could be helpful as long as those things become ingredients for that inner observation.
It is about discovering our own potential.

Someone who is truly interested in humanity; someone who truly loves another will not be interested in creating dependency.

If someone feels dependent on God, on a religion on a system, on a guru, etc. That person is still a child by “convenience.”

A symbiosis may appear that we could call “love” or another “nice” accepted word; but not the opportunity to develop and to know what freedom is, beyond the meaning of the dictionary.

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