Witnessing a detached observer in life

Rumi-Guet-House (1)

It was a cool and breeze night in Spring. There was a full moon shining over the clear sky surrounded by the tranquil waters of the Bay. An inviting golden path of light touching the water, illuminated the landscape with its slow rhythmical movement, accompanied by the soothing and calming sound of the Ocean caressing the boulevard’s balustrade.

That is the ballroom dance show of Nature!
All beings are invited to take part of it, but only those who can see it, will know where to “be.”

Donald was appreciating the full moon moving across the sky, when suddenly a cloud covered the sight of the moon and the golden light.

Lights off! 🙂

That cloud finished the party! 🙂

Was the cloud purposely moving to “stop Donald’s party”?
Was the cloud really moving or it was the moon, moving in the path of the cloud?
Wait a minute, the moon does not have any light….It is the Sun….

Can the cloud move by itself, or it was the wind moving the cloud?
Is the wind able to move things by itself or is the Earth moving in rotation, which produces wind?

Donald realized that his mind was producing “deep analytical questions” which could be labeled in that moment as “ unrelented sheer stupidity.”

The time calls for unuttered appreciation and enjoyment… not intellectual questioning.

“Lights off” is part of the movement, the show…

In life there are many variables, which together produce an outcome.

Donald: Why Sally shouted at me?
Daisy: Maybe because she was angry with her parents…She had a terrible childhood, you know. It wasn’t really at you. Don’t take it personally…

Donald: But.. Why me?

Daisy: Because you were there. Because you are pretty soft. Because you are wearing a red tie, and she hates red ties… because…

We could simplify by giving “reasons” but those reasons are not complete. Something is missing.

Nevertheless, everything goes back to the observer.

The observer is the “point of reference.” We could say “that everything is relative to the observer.”

Then, as long as there is an “observer” there will be a point of reference, a point of view. Consequently, the division between the observer and that, which is observed, will be there. It is in that division where the consciousness of individuality resides.

Totality, togetherness, unity, oneness, etc. is not part of that consciousness.
Please see that for yourself.

In Spirituality, one of the “goals” is to be a “witness,” a “detached observer” of life. There is only observation. There is no observer nor a separated object to observe.

Please see that as long as there is a point of reference; that is an “observer” there cannot be a witness or a detached observer of life.

Therefore, no one whose consciousness is only located in individuality (observer) will be able to grasp and to experience the integration with Totality, for that means to be a “detached observer” in life.

Many think that to be a “detached observer” is to be calm and indifferent, someone who feels no desires…someone who is “dead.” That is possible when someone who only experiences the consciousness of individuality in his life, pretends to be a “detached observer” in life.

In the consciousness of Totality, a detached observer is completely alive, joyful, appreciative… enjoying the changes, the ups and downs, the turn around… 🙂 Just like a child.

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