In one of my trips top India, I was introduced to Cheiro’s works. I was fascinated by the ability to find the destiny of a human being by looking at his hands or just by knowing the exact date and time of his birth.

I was equally fascinated to find that “gift” of fortune-telling in people I knew. Of course, I wanted “proof” and I had “proof.”

Nowadays, this fascination solely reflects the existence of that Totality in life.

How is that?
“Our” destiny is related with the position of the stars at the moment of our birth, which in turn develop the “right” circumstances (through their influence) for other things necessary to occur.

Everything is inter-related. Our mission in life is already there.
“Our” hands only show the script to be performed.
The “science” of astrology has existed for a very long time and among many “primitive” cultures.

What is the issue in observing that this “I” is truly a part, a script to be performed in the “big” picture, which has a mission like a domino effect, for other things to occur?

The obstacle is called ego.

“No one has asked me for permission about how my life has to be lived.”
“I am always in control of things. It is rubbish to believe otherwise.”

“You can be whoever you want in life.”
Of course! It cannot be otherwise… and what you will be in life is exactly what the Totality needs. If we do not realize this, that is OK as well. Whether we realize it or not, the “plan” is there already. It is all good. We cannot mess things up! 🙂

But… I am not a puppet. I am “ME.” I have rights. I have a choice….
Yes… “you” do.. until “you” drop that consciousness of separation from the Totality… then that word “choice” is meaningless for what “we” do is our only choice and that goes according to the “plan.”

Q: So, If I am just a script in the movie of life, what is the significance of living?
A: To enjoy the script. 🙂
Q: But how am “I” to enjoy it, if “I” am part of that?
A: Drop that “I” and observe like watching a TV program or a movie. Then you could enjoy it, commercial free! 🙂

That is “illumination.” That is being a “detached observer.” That is to be part of the Totality, to be One, to be merged with God, to be a “witness,” to be…

Now, do we see why to enjoy life is the main requisite of this meal deal? 🙂
We are eternal. Everything changes, but that change is the Totality, the movie.
This is not the only life to experience, but rather than go into the past or the future, let us enjoy what it is now, at this moment, for that is what exists.

To go back into that enjoyment of life is what spirituality is supposed to do.
End of report.

So… what about religions and beliefs?
As long as fear is being transmitted in one way or another through a belief or through a religion, there cannot be enjoyment of life.

That is why the “dance” of cause and effect (karma) cannot be labeled as “good” or “bad” (as religions label) for everything is necessary as it is happening and we could observe and enjoy being in the movie.
This is the paradox of being an observer but also an actor at the same time. However, there is no “ME” in there.

But Hitler was bad. But killing is terrible.
Cause and effect which will be experienced by the “doer.” If you kill, you will experience to be killed… but at the same time, you are eternal….
So “you” cannot be “killed.”
It is the game of consciousness, of being aware… That is all.

A game to enjoy and to smile…to observe and to be delighted. Some take it seriously. Some take it as a “life or death” situation… That is their game… 🙂

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