Being a “script” in Destiny :-)


Some buttons were pressed when in the last article it was mentioned “we are a script in destiny.” 🙂

That ego jumped up… very high.
Wait a minute… “I am” something!

We are not a “script in destiny.” That is just a way to express according to the context of the writing, to make a point across. Hopefully we could see how attached we could be to our own beliefs.

Can we live with the understanding that what we understand “now” as “truth” and the way we understand that could be a misinterpreted belief? 🙂

If we can, an immediate openness in our consciousness will take place. Now we can listen to “others” and to our inner being.

How it could be expressed that we are something which cannot be defined or conceptualized but has consciousness and that consciousness is integrated in a movie reel with a particular script to perform?

How it could be expressed that this “I” is merely the identification of that consciousness with a body and a role in a society, which is always comparing with the perception of “another” consciousness embodied into another human being?

Hopefully the above will not be misunderstood. Avyakt7 does not know any other way right now to put his experience in writing. Sorry. 😦

Q: If this thing called spirituality is about discovering that ego which does not allow us to integrate with the Totality, then why is there a need for so many beliefs and religions?

A: Simply because the majority of the “people” are only conscious of their own individuality. Because of that, ego is pretty strong. That ego wants to survive and live.

A: If someone says that “You are nothing and so I am.” That will definitely bring a misunderstanding in someone whose experience is to be only “someone.” Please see the paradox that we could be “something” and “nothing” at the same time. We could open that door when necessary, but we don’t.

Therefore, how can we change someone who is absorbed in his own individuality through his own ego?
Definitely it will not happen by telling him or her, “You are nothing.” BUT, the beginning of that change could happen if there is an almighty, all-powerful being, greater than our egos who is directing you to “do something.” That little ego of ours may feel empowered at that time!

God is needed at that time.
Our ego “likes” to be important. Our ego loves to have a “purpose.” Our ego feels secure knowing that it will not perish but survive in the afterlife. Our ego feels great when it knows about having free will to “do” whatever. Even though, spirituality is about “being” and not doing…and the minute we “think” that we “are” something, that is the minute that ego has arrived again.

That is how slippery ego could be.

Do we see that?

Q: So what you are saying is that God is needed to ensure change for a determined type of consciousness?

A: Could be. It is not for me to say that. God has value. God exists, although our consciousness will dictate how much.

Q: So you are not saying anything then. Are you afraid of saying things as you think?

A: No. It is not a question of being afraid. It is a question of respect for someone else’s beliefs, and their state of consciousness. Avyakt7 is not pushing his “beliefs.” Avyakt7 is not interested in creating a religion to “save everyone.” Avyakt7 is merely sharing his experiences.

Q: So, you could be “wrong”?

A: 🙂 Maybe. Maybe not…. 🙂 What is right and what is wrong in a Universe of perceptions? What is right and what is wrong in a world where everything is “beneficial” as it is? Just because it is that way. Avyakt7 is not looking to be “right” or “wrong.”
Avyakt7 is merely enjoying …. Is that right or wrong? 🙂 🙂

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