Open the armor


For those who are reading these sharings, the question may arrive: Are these things being shared by Avyakt7 true ? 🙂

If someone is tinkering in that question, that means that this person does not recognize something through his own experience. In other words, that person is a great material for following beliefs and hand-me-down ideas from whomever.

That person is still looking for someone to tell him what he has to do and believe in life.

We could have a Divine experience, but that does not mean that we have an insight as to who we are.

We could have a divine experience, but that does not mean that we have what it takes to discover our own mental obstacles, which are impeding a fulfilled life.

We could join or follow a belief system, but that does not mean that our consciousness has opened to a different level.

We could believe that spirituality is another subject to learn, just like mathematics, and if “I” read a lot of self-help books and listen to world-class gurus, if “I” study a lot.. then “wisdom” will be pouring through our skin pores… effectively changing “normal” sweat into “holy water”… 🙂

Unless our awareness, our consciousness opens up to integrate our being with everything else, we cannot live a fulfilled life.
Take the above as Avyakt7’s belief if you would, but those who somehow recognize that statement in their own lives, will know.

That is what wisdom is: Just recognition.
That recognition opens up as our awareness opens. Our awareness could open as we do not reject experiences in life, but as we learn to accept, to integrate without thinking about it.

Many times some individuals are basically waiting for the “key word” to be spouted so they believe in something. Without that “key word” nothing makes sense to them.

For example, when Avyakt7 refers to the Totality; some may call it as “Drama,” others may call that as “Universe,” or “Cosmos,” or “Nature” or “Tao” or even God… see that in Spirituality labels are not definitions or concepts, but words are merely referential for someone to RECOGNIZE that in his own experience.

A belief system is a closed armor, which does not allow for our consciousness to open up and discover so we know through our own recognition, but rather a belief system puts everything in “easy” concepts for the follower, so he does not get “confused.”
A concept is not the thing or the being. A concept is just mental “clothing” which will not allow us to perceive things naked, but that clothing around the thing, will develop our belief in a particular way.

“It is only this, but it cannot be that.”

Part of growing in life is to open up that armor, and being able to feel things without beliefs, concepts or ideas for the first time.

Oh… what a joy! 🙂

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