On Omnipresence


When we truly understand not intellectually, but deep down in our core; that everything is interrelated and this individuality concept is “real” only under a state of consciousness, but it is not truly under another; then we could start seeing that there is not a moment in time when “I” wasn’t.

We can divide the Ocean in drops of water. When that drop acquires a personality, then that drop separates from the Totality of the Ocean. “Hey. I am ME!” 🙂 then, that drop of water could still fragment his personality into many “individuals” that is when “ME, I and MYSELF” direct the show of insanity.

Once the drop of water is not aware of a personality, that drop of water will always exist as the Ocean. Not as “part of the Ocean” but as the Ocean itself.

The same is with us. We will always be. Consciousness is always there, but we manifest that consciousness in different forms and at different times with a different consciousness according to a role.
That is the journey.

There is nothing which lives in isolation. Even our own concept of God is part of that Totality, that Drama, that Universe and that God has manifested under different forms through different times to different individuals who are under a specific state of consciousness.

So is with “you” and “I.”

The issue is the personality. That is the illusion. That is what “individuality” strives to maintain.

Just imagine how a “primitive” non-educated individual could perceive the divine in the part of that Totality. That individual could say: “God is in the tree.”

An educated person residing in the consciousness of individuality will say: “How crazy! He thinks that God is a tree. I know who God is. God is so and so… I should convert that poor primitive fellow to save him.”

As time goes by, other “followers” who have not experienced another consciousness but individuality, will start worshiping a tree. For the tree is “God.” 🙂 while more educated ones, will look for a picture or an image to worship.

That follower has not idea of who God is, but through collective consciousness, the belief becomes the “reality.” It is easier to worship something and call that “divine.” Nevertheless, very few will realize that this same act of worshiping only shows that ego.

Feeling lower than someone is a sign of that ego.

At the same time, we have the “new age” movement stating: “God is everywhere. We are God. We are part of God,” etc.

As long as that “new age” person is residing in that consciousness of individuality, the above will be senseless.
Not because the statement may not be logical or reasonable or even because that may be considered “irrational,” but simply because there is no experience of another state of consciousness, for otherwise; that person will realize that by making a statement defining God, that person is not telling the accurate truth, for words are unable to define the indefinable.

That is how those who speak about a God, those who have a definition of God or a concept of God do not know God.
Moreover, those who have a concept about who they are, those do not know who they are.
Paradoxical, huh? 🙂

Do we see why words cannot convey a paradoxical “reality”?

Nevertheless, the above topic has been the favorite issue to debate and to fight among people who has never had any other consciousness but individuality. That is how religions appeared with a dogmatic “truth” to follow (God is this) as well as a world, which supports that consciousness of individuality at all costs.

“You are German. You are Black. You are Hindu.” Let us make a division. Let us make a container where we could put everyone who looks alike in the same category. “All Jewish are this…” I am different…

In the meantime, some “individuals” could despise the word “omnipresent.” They could despise the craziness of believing that “I am omnipresent and so are you.”

Those individuals have all the right to do that. Their consciousness will not allow them to see something different.
All is good. 🙂

Ananda was riding his bicycle early in the morning to see the sun appear in the horizon. You could smell that freshness in the air, that newness which starts the day… Birds were flying and gliding by the waters of the bay, as the soothing sounds of Nature were filling that day with joy…Nevertheless, people were passing by walking, looking down, serious faces, completely unaware of the beautiful setting around them. That setting could be part of them if they just allowed that to happen… but no!…their personality has acquired such a “reality” that they may need for God to save them.

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