The deceiving question: Who am I? :-)


When the drop of the Ocean asks: who am “I”? That is the beginning of intellectual deceit.

It is obvious that this drop of water is the Ocean itself, but some sort of myopia of consciousness takes over.

The drop of water beliefs to be something else.
“I think therefore, I exist.” That becomes the law of certainty as being something different, something special, something divine as if everything else wasn’t that special or divine.

Q: Avyakt7, you are contradicting yourself. 2 years ago you mentioned here, that “I am an eternal soul.” Then, you changed into: “I am pure dynamic consciousness,” and then you even said that “I am nothing,” and now it seems like you are changing into “I am the Totality.”
Can you make up your mind?

A: Do we see that a question such as “who I am” is only strengthening that idea that “I am” a drop of water?
Do we see that any definition of “who I am” is limiting through limiting words and never accurate?
All those different things that Avyakt7 mentioned that “I am” range from a something to nothing, to everything… according to Avyakt7’s consciousness.

Avyakt7 covered all possibilities of being! 🙂 Now, someone looking at this writing from a belief system, will not hear the answer given above. That person is only looking for the keyword, so she can say: “I believe.”

For instance, If someone believes “I am a soul.” That is a great belief! Now, let me ask: What actually that means?
For some it will be about denying everything that “I am not” to find “who I am”…that soul. But how that drop of the Ocean will find what “it is not,” when it is the Ocean itself? How denying something about himself will bring that person into the Totality, which means a different consciousness?

The above is a pretty deep explanation. Hopefully clear as well.

Right now, if someone asks Avyakt7, “who am I?” … well, a smile will come as a response… 🙂
If Avyakt7 dares to say something by adding more words to define “that,” Avyakt7 will be lying more and more by being away from what it is, through fancy words.

Do we see that?

Q: So everything that you said before was a lie!!

A: Everything that Avyakt7 said before was according to his consciousness… and “right” at that time for those in that consciousness as well. It was an honest answer. Let me tell you a “secret:” Unless you live what you talk about, you will be a fraud. When you are fake, what you communicate does not have any strength. In Spirituality, you discover things. It is not about someone telling you “this is the answer.”
If it was that way, then everyone will be “illuminated” by now.
“I am a soul” so… what? Is that another belief or an experience? If it is an experience, how come your consciousness is the same as any other person who does not know that “he is a soul”?

Many seekers in the past have shared their experience through words. Those words may have been seen as contradictory through time. (He said this before and now he is saying the opposite.) Followers who do not have an experience of those words, will be only concerned in making sure that everything that person has said from the beginning is “consistent” so the “dogma” looks the same. Nevertheless, those followers do not realize that those honest seekers, were merely sharing their own discoveries through limited words, and those discoveries will change as his own consciousness change.

To discover means to change.

Anyone who takes these words literally so he looks “educated” when he talks to another person about Spirituality, is not truly a seeker. That person is only concerned in concepts and dogma.

When you discover something for yourself and perhaps these words help you a bit in your own search, then… we are moving “someplace…” 🙂

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