Organized religions and inner discovery


This blog has reached the stage of “discovering things by yourself.”
That could be a scary thought for many.

Avyakt7 in his journey has had many experiences, which are out of the “normal” range. Those experiences were there to allow his consciousness to discover things, to grow.

If Avyakt7 wanted to “teach” his own experiences to mankind, (one of the greatest ego trips available) then Avyakt7 will need followers. Believers.

Those believers are born when they feel that these writings somehow give them an “out of the ordinary” experience. Had some readers describing their stories to me before.

Perhaps this means that Avyakt7 is a “chosen one.”? 🙂

No. That only means that there is synchronicity in life when it comes to consciousness. We are all related. Some are touched more than others at any given time.

Some will feel touched by reading someone, hearing a class by a guru, etc. We are all different.

When those followers decide to “safeguard Avyakt7’s teachings” and to “spread them to humanity,” then that is the time when a religion, cult, sect, etc. is born.

That is the point in time when “entropy” appears and with that a dogma may be necessary so things are kept under control.

Please see that at that point is not about sharing things, for the common good but it becomes a matter of “having the truth” to convince, sort of like being a salesman with a salesman pitch to sell.

Why is that important to be aware of?
Because organizations need the support of the masses to exist. Thus, it is no longer about “teachings” but about survival and growth of an organized religion. It becomes another corporation where those who are “leading” are not necessarily those who have greater openness in their consciousness.

Now because of the internet, there is no need to “market” someone as a “savior” or “illuminated one.” You could just read something from anyone and find out for yourself if that rings a bell in you.

Did Jesus Christ write anything? No. Jesus has believers now because Jesus had followers 2000 years ago who have interpreted Jesus’s teachings. Christianity became popular because one Roman Emperor, Constantine the great, had an “experience.”

Everyone is looking for an “experience” to believe in something. But not too many are willing to discover things by themselves about them.

Why do that “work” if it is “better” to follow someone who “knows”? 🙂 Again, this is not about having the “right” answers, but about discovering by yourself, so your consciousness changes, opens.

Every organized religion will offer the environment of protection for a seed to grow. Nevertheless, there may be a point in time when that inner discovery can no longer happen when external borders are placed by a dogma.

The baby is ready to walk out of the crib, but all he hears is: “if you leave the crib, you may fall… and if you fall, it is going to hurt you.”

That is when fear appears as a great tool for organized religions to keep their “followers.”

To grow means to recognize those fears.

The journey of inner discovery is a “solo” journey. It is about consciousness and that consciousness will open up when ready. Life experiences will occur to help in that process.

That is why, joining a religion is not bad at all. It is “good.” It is part of that experience. If someone is able to see the changes in their consciousness due to that experience, then that person is aware. If someone decides to leave a religion and try something else, that is good as well.

That is the experience necessary in his life. Part of the “solo” experience.
If someone “loves” a religion and then “hates” it; then that person if aware, will be able to see his own “bi-polar” tendencies. All is good as long as you can see things for yourself.

The keyword is awareness when it comes to experiencing something in life.

Because Avyakt7 does not dare to teach anything, but just to share; followers are not needed. Believers are not desirable… 🙂 and so religions and 99 cents DVDs on “How to be happy” are out of the question.

But if you find anything here useful for you, then feel gratitude to life, feel joy and become aware of the miracle of being alone in your journey, but never alone… 🙂



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