Kathy was looking to get a different job. She was certain that she will be getting a new one in no time.

Kathy expected to be called to interview, but nothing was happening. That created an unknowingly irritation in her mood. The consequence of this was an inflammation in her body.

Although Kathy did not perceive the relationship, she was quick in label that incident as “bad luck,” and this pessimistic frame of mind, created a vicious cycle…

Expectations are a subtle way of a controlling personality. That person will not be able to enjoy life until a situation occurs.

We could expect a person to behave in a particular way. We could expect for some event to occur in the future. We could expect to be treated in a certain way.
All those expectations are a sure way of creating suffering.

Because things do not occur as “we” wish for them to happen UNLESS that is the way they should happen. thus, why put yourself on the spot? 🙂

In our society, we have created an idea to solidify that egocentric behavior: “I” am in control.

Certainly, there is no one in control once we understand the principle of cause and effect.
There is no one in control, once we understand that this life is an eternal movie.

However, even though some of us could have “knowledge” to understand these things, at the same time, our vision is taken to strengthen that ego.
“I am” the star of this eternal movie. “I” control things. “I” will become an enlightened being, etc.

All of these expectations are bombs waiting to explode. We will feel the repercussions.

A person who realizes about how an expectation could be detrimental to his health, will try to do something about it.

The typical “spiritual” answer to his search will be: “Do not have expectations.” 🙂

That is the beginning of having a repressed personality.

It goes something like this:
Buddha says: ”Desires are the cause of suffering.”
Mr. Follower Tothedot will say: “I should not have desires. Desires are bad.”
Mr. Tothedot does not realize that negating something in him does not mean to solve something.

Unfortunately that understanding of Mr. Tothedot, has been what “easy religious spirituality” has brought to human kind: The idea that a repressed personality is “good.”

The expectation to get rid of desires in ourselves is a gross misunderstanding, which happens because there is no experience of the discovery on how a desire occurs and what that entails, for that discovery is truly a personal journey.

-Q: Who has the desire?
A: Well.. it is “I”
-Q:Get rid of that “I” then.

That is the teaching, the path, the journey, the discovery.

Observe those desires. Observe those expectations. As long as there is “someone” such as an “I” observing, there could be rationalization, which is thinking, which is separation, which means to deepen the sense of isolation, the sense of “I.”

Is there a way to observe without having an “I” involved in the process?
Ah! That is for every one of us to discover, that is if this thing called “inner discovery” truly matters to “you.”
If it doesn’t matter, then an answer is all you will be looking for. 🙂 🙂


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