A deeper look into Detachment


When Rose learned about “detachment” in her yoga meditation class; it was the first time that she heard that word.
The explanation her teacher gave, was something like this:
“Detachment is good. Attachment is bad. You don’t want to be involved with someone else’s karma.”

The above explanation sounded convincing. It made sense! Rose wanted to put in “practice” detachment. That is when problems started for Rose….

The first ones to know about that new “detachment” business were her family members. 🙂

Rose’s mother couldn’t believe how cold Rose had become. It was as she didn’t care for the well-being of everyone else. If Rose’s younger brother fought with her younger sister; Rose just stood there, watched the fight briefly and left as if nothing was happening. When Rose’s mom asked about that behavior; Rose said: “It is not my karma. I don’t want to be involved.”

Whenever Rose tried hard to implement that “detachment” in her life, the general perception was that she was out of her mind.

Detachment is a misunderstood word in our society.
Attachment is the word used by most to acknowledge care, concern even love. Obviously when Rose wanted to implement something foreign in her life and cultural setting, such as “detachment,” which she was recently aware of, that setting was the preface for disaster in her life.

That is how it became known that: “Those who teach about detachment are aloof birds of a very cold nest.” The stereotype for the masses to believe and follow was set.

“Detachment understood as a dictionary word to implement in our lives, is a complete failure. Detachment as an experience in our lives means joy.” How about this phrase for the quote of the day? 🙂

No one can teach detachment to a human being whose experience and consciousness is ingrained in being attached. As a matter of fact, detachment cannot be taught.

No one can “work on” being detached. It is an illusion to “make effort” to be detached.

Detachment does not come as an intellectual idea.
To say “You have to be detached” is meaningless. As a matter of fact, it is even rude when the intention is to “correct” someone.

We could BE detached, but we cannot DO detachment. Most are only willing to DO detachment, to act in certain ways which their minds believe to be detachment.

To truly experience detachment, an individual needs to experience emptiness, silence of the mind. That experience will automatically bring that individual into that detachment which is non hurtful to others. It is in that experience of emptiness, where “your” detachment will be “their” benefit.

Detachment brings easiness in behavior. It brings a smile in the face. It brings acceptance. It is like being an open door to life, where things come and go without being entangled by them. That detachment is not concerned in intellectual understanding of “theoretical karma,” for that detachment is not fabricated by a repressed mind, who closes itself for fear of being affected by “others.”


  1. avyakt7

    Hello Bhawna!
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Exploring life and trusting life are great ingredients to know the self.
    Your life is yourself. All the best in your path! 🙂
    The paradox is that those who know me personally most often do not know me. But those who know me through these sharings may. Avyakt7 is like the breeze by the Ocean. Some may feel refreshed, others may feel bothered. It al depends on what someone believes at the moment.

    Take care! 🙂


  2. bhawnabhardwaj

    hey,me and my sister have been reading your articles on daily basis in the mrng,loved the way detachment is described here,we both joined Brahma kumaris,then started reading murli at home from your website and now we are here not belonging to any organisations,but going on our spiritual journey,exploring life trusting life and
    with avyakt also a relationship has been built,as such we have not met you
    personally but there is still a relationship of thought &feelings,Thankyou


  3. BloomLisa

    I really enjoyed this post. I too have been working on this principle the past two years. It brings greater peace but is difficult for some people to understand. As you say, not my karma!! Light & love.


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