“Me” through the door


Spiffy and Spike were inquiring about the meaning of being in life. They decided to use the comparison of being like a door, to keep things simple in their sharing and avoid getting lost in language and ideas.

In Spirituality, to use analogies is a great way to enhance our understanding without giving pointless definitions and concepts.

Spiffy: The door has a purpose. But what is the door? Is it that rectangular shape piece of wood or metal with a knob?
Spike: Yes, of course.

Spiffy: But… isn’t its nature or purpose to “be” and “not to be”? 🙂
That is where the “mission” of that door resides.
Spike: “To be or not to be,” what is the meaning of that?

Spiffy: Those are the lines from Shakespeare. “To be or not to be, that is the question!” 🙂

Spike: The answer is that “we are and we are not” at the same time.

All the teachings in Spirituality are pointing to just that: “To be or not to be.”

When you are a door, you are “something.” When you are “something,” you are separated, a closed door. That door at this point will feel what “others” (other closed doors) could do.

“He insulted me.”
The door was closed.

“30 years ago she lied to me.”
The door never opened in 30 years.

“He will find out who I am. You’ll see”
A very stubborn closed-door.

When we are a closed-door, we are in the consciousness of individuality.

When that door is open, we have entered in the consciousness of Totality.
At that point there is “no door.” There is emptiness, void, space, nothingness, etc.

When the door is open, there is no one to feel insulted. No one to feel that lie of 30 years ago. No one who feels that need to show something to “others.”
When a door is closed, then religions and philosophies who are typically located in the consciousness of individuality, will teach about “virtues.”

When the door is open, there is no one who needs to know about virtues. His life is virtue itself. Naturally.

Tolerance, detachment, love, gentleness, are valued teachings when the door is closed, but those teachings are “pretty words” until the door opens….

When the door is open all those pretty virtuous words are practical. There is no need to “practice” or “work on” anything.

To go into the depth of “To be or not to be” may bring us to the realization on learning to open and to close the door.
Many of us are very good about keeping the door closed… Perhaps it is the time to learn to open it… again.:-)



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