Soul consciousness


The first time we asserted that “ I am not a body, I am soul” that was the first time that a definition entered our minds to later become a dogma, that is something to give us the impression that we could possess the truth.

From that point, the search was over. A comfortable belief appeared and all we need is to find an adequate definition to follow. What is a soul? The definition is… Then, “I” have to become that definition.

That is “spirituality” for the masses: What is love? It is this. Then, I have to act like that.
Or a guru says: “Love is not this,” then as long as I don’t do what love is not, I am working within the limits of love. 🙂

Spirituality does not work like that.

True, we are not the body but neither the personality we have created.
We could continue on denying everything that “we think” we are not to finally find a label: “soul” without the experience of that concept.

Paradoxically, when we find that emptiness (without label,) the “eye of the hurricane” which is the center of the hurricane, which is made up of nothing; we could only be everything at that time.

This is not logical. This is paradoxical.

Here is when the paradox of believing to be just an individual, becomes the Totality.

That is why it was mentioned in another article that soul consciousness is the experience of Totality.

Everyone of us will need to explore inside our perceived self, so these words are no taken as another concept, another definition, but rather to find our own path, our own experiences and be open to discover something completely different which defies any beliefs or perceptions that we have gathered as “truth.”

It is in the honesty of “doing our own homework” for the sake of finding out without trying to accommodate our findings to fit a belief system, how a different door could open.

It is up to us to open that door or to keep it closed.


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