Levels of consciousness


It was mid morning in a warm and sunny day by a park near downtown.
Ananda was observing how a coach was teaching 3 kids, ages 5,6 and 7 approximately, to hit a tennis ball with a racket.
This is Tennis 101.

“Watch the ball and hit it” were the instructions, as the coach was throwing the ball to the kids, one at the time; while the ball bounced on the ground at a slow speed.

The younger kid couldn’t hit the ball no matter how persistent the coach was. At the end, the coach sent him to sit down by a bench once he got tired of repeating the drill fruitlessly.
The other kids were getting “Great shot!” kudos, in the meantime.

The younger kid felt upset. He thought he was being punished. He couldn’t understand why he was sent to sit down rather than continue playing at “hitting the ball.”

The kid’s mind was focused on fun, entertainment. The coach’s mind was set on performance.

Two different consciousness.

Similarly is with grown ups when experiencing life.

For some there are actions labeled as “good and bad.” For these individuals, life is about being “good” and not “bad.” Very simple.
Hit the ball. If you don’t, then you will get punished.
The almighty coach will send you to sit down, far away in darkness. Until the game finishes… or you could be there forever. That is up to your belief 🙂

In that consciousness, actions (performance) are the only thing that matters. Life is very straight forward. We must live in fear of not following the instructions of the coach. We must sacrifice our “fun” for “performance.” That is all that matters.

This consciousness is not “bad.” It is necessary. Many will stay there… All their lives.

In another type of consciousness, a realization arises when we perceive that hitting the ball is not truly what this game is about. How we hit it, is very important. It is in that realization when the commandment: “Watch the ball and hit it” is no longer useful.
“What goes around comes around” becomes the motto… karma 🙂 If you hit the ball with certain spin, it will be difficult for the “other” to hit the ball back. After all, this game is about playing with “others” and not playing with the coach.

In this consciousness, there is not punishment but it is just the way how we hit the ball how events will follow. We learn to be crafty…
It is not just about an action , but the intensity of it.

There is another type of consciousness, when individuals realize that having a good time is the “purpose” behind hitting the ball. It is not longer about “You vs. I” but “me and the other” are necessary for this “fun” to arrive. Then it is about “us.”
Toys R Us! 🙂


We went from hitting the ball, to the intensity and the way we hit the ball… to recognizing the players, the Totality of the game.


Of course, we could create an artificial set up about hitting the ball. We could call that competition. We could train many hours in pain and agony to learn to hit the ball in different ways to “beat” the other and win “money, fame and name.” 🙂 We could call that to “have accomplished something in life.” 🙂

Pretty labels.
No enjoyment. No life.

Then, we could create a quote such as, ” Winning is Enjoyment.” 🙂

Sorry, buddy. In enjoyment there is no winning nor losing. Enjoyment is beyond duality… of course, in a different consciousness.

If you win. It is sure that you will lose.
If you enjoy both, then there is no winning nor losing… just enjoyment.
Another paradox. 🙂

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