On sadness


If little Jimmy experiences to be lost in his own shadow despite the light of a bright day; then that knowing will be invaluable. That knowing cannot be “taught” to another.

“Knowing” cannot be passed down onto another. It needs to be discovered by ourselves.
Intellectual information could be passed down, but not knowledge.

“Water reflects the consciousness of the being surrounding it. Water is deeply connected to the individual and collective consciousness.”

This is the discovery of Dr. Masaru Emoto in a nutshell.
The “New Age” media made great hype on that.
Water crystals were changing its form according to the influence around them: If a meditator or a depressed individual were around water, the crystals showed different patterns: Harmonious or chaotic patterns, respectively.

This is good information, but it is not knowledge.
What is the practical meaning of that?

The Oceans are charged with “emotionality” at this point in time.
Obviously because of us…human beings. Our influence is great in the environment and as a result we will get back what we put in. Karma.

We are made up of water. We are water itself… What we put in us, is what we get. No need of “karma” (action.)

There is no separation between “me” and water. We are “it” in a very practical level.

Sadness as an emotion is there, floating in the air as water! 🙂
It is not just about “my” sadness. It is the world. See?

Until there is no consciousness of that “me” as an illusion, there will be sadness. It is that heavy “me” creating its own shadow. It is our minds taking us in a dark road trip by default… for that is in the air. We cannot be separated from the Totality.

When we are unconscious, we become in tune with whatever is on the “air.” Some individuals are more sensitive and they will pick up that vibe… right away.

Sound in this physical life, has an enormous power. Every song/music that we listen has the ability to change our emotions when we listen unconsciously.

A friend of mine mentioned that when experiencing sadness, he used to turn on AC/DC ‘s “Back in black” in high volume “sound effect.” His mood changed… at least during that song.. 🙂

Nevertheless… sadness will come back. Do we know why?
Because we are still unconscious of the environment and… there is a “me,” a personality build up with its own expectations, desires, hopes, dreams, dramas etc.

To learn to be empty, becomes of paramount importance.

When the door of our personality is completely open, then anything that goes inside will go away for there is no “me” to stop that. Nothing to hold on to.

That emptiness is what is in between the molecules of water, which make up our physical bodies.
To learn the art of emptiness is good! 🙂

When that “self” disappears, there is no shadow. No sadness.
No wonder, highly depressed individuals’ thoughts are considering committing suicide. That is a violent way to terminate the perception of the “self.” In depression, the “self” gets magnified.

By experiencing emptiness, the sense of self goes away and with that, there is a break to observe the pattern of thoughts, feelings and attitudes, which bring that state of sadness. It is in that consciousness, when we realize about the external “vibe” around us and how those vibes filter inside us.

This practice means to change our consciousness. It is practical awareness.

Many individuals try to change the location of their consciousness by drinking alcohol or by taking drugs even though secondary effects will be felt. That is all they know to forget themselves which is needed to experience something different.

Empty the “contents” of yourself. That is “clean that up.”

No side effects. No beliefs to believe. No money to spend.
All natural… all green! 🙂

It is in that adventure how “knowing” will appear. It will be discovered.



  1. nidhi

    Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…I have no words. This article is the answer of what i feel last 2-3 days. Thank u sooooooo much. Your articles is the expression of what i feel inside but i can’t express to anyone & sometimes even to myself. You give the words to that feelings. Yes, God will speak to us in different ways… if only we could listen. :-):-):-):-)


  2. joedalio

    Thank you for the excellent post. I especially want to comment on the first quote about liberation from self. God directed me to two scriptures about it this morning, and it’s been a running theme with me lately. God is definitely speaking to me 🙂


    • avyakt7

      Thank you, Joe! Good to see you again! 🙂
      Yes, God will speak to us in different ways… if only we could listen.. that is “be aware” conscious of that…:-)

      All the best, Joe. 🙂


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