Dissolving beliefs

william james

When we observe the self to find “who we are” without using labels to define ourselves, then we will deal with our emotions.

We could use any technique to “bypass” our emotions, but anything could be just a temporary fix.
We need to heal by observing with gentleness and understanding.

When we are in that discovery “help” will arrive. Those are the mysterious ways that life has to allow someone to go back to its roots.
Some may call that experience as “listening to God.” 🙂 And God speaks in different ways to different people.

Along with our emotions, our beliefs will be waiting for our own scrutiny. Those beliefs could be comfortably rooted in “moral standards.”
This becomes a great challenge, for everything that we have known as “good or bad” is completely challenged.

The choice is to hang on to our mental beliefs and to put aside the call for inner discovery…or to go wholly into it… 🙂

Ashley was training her puppy “Oggy” on the intricacies of “going to the bathroom.”

Oggy didn’t have any idea of “good and bad” until Ashley taught him.

Oggy went on his “ normal business” near the sofa. Ashley perplexed with that sight and smell, promptly got the newspaper and started yelling “Bad dog” at him, while hitting Oggy’s little furry behind with the paper.

That is the time when “morality” was invented for little Oggy.

There is cause and effect. But there is no such a thing as “good or bad.” That labeling is meant to increase or decrease the perception of ourselves by creating guilt or arrogance.

That duality of “good and bad” arose when individuality, ego; became strong and settled. “Your good” may not be mine, but we live in society and we need to have standards. Those set of rules became what is known as “morality.”
Living in a society has its rules which need to be followed. I cannot play “Monopoly” with others without following the rules; however, the “rules” of “Monopoly” are not the standards of “illumination” that is, a different game requires different rules.

Nevertheless, some human beings have decided that the rules in “Monopoly” are the most elevated, moral and sublime. Moreover, if you dare not to support those rules, you are automatically labeled as “bad.”

Ananda was playing in the Ocean. Ananda observed that Nature is void of “morality.” The Ocean was tranquil. Ananda could not believe how something which does not have consistency could transform into something dangerous.

As Ananda was getting out of the Ocean, waves were hitting him with such a strength that he almost fell.

Isn’t that the same water? Is the Ocean “good or bad”?
Those same scary waves could be used by a surfer to enjoy the day.

Ananda then observed a sea-bird eating a little shrimp. The bird was completely still, waiting for its prey to arrive. When the time was right, the bird got the shrimp with its beak, crushed it and swallowed.

Was that seabird “bad”?

Now, the tricky part.
A human being kills another one. Is that human being “good or bad”?
We could say many things. We could debate about it.
But when we understand and experience “cause and effect” and our own eternity, there cannot be death, there cannot be killing. There is no need for justice, for cause and effect will take care of it… And one more thing… Everything is beneficial as it is, for there is no other way that it could be…

There are no hunters and no prey. No victims.
However, the individual could create a trauma out of that experience. An emotion. A rejection.

Nevertheless, the killer will go to jail if caught. Cause and effect. Or the killer could get a medal if the circumstances of the killing call for it. Cause and effect.

The above is not easy to understand and it is not the “Holy truth” either, but as we observe and become acquainted with the Natural way of things, the ways of Nature; we could see more. As our beliefs dissolve, we could see something new.

Mathias the wise tree, was speaking with Ananda while observing the Ocean.

Mathias: What is there is based on what you are offering to others…
Interacting with others require both parts to offer something, otherwise egotism and arrogance will increase.

Ananda: But what could I offer?
Mathias: Break “yourself” down. Dissolve yourself.
What a beautiful moment which human beings do not give themselves the chance to experiment!
What a beautiful time in which the experience will take you beyond time!
Maybe you, maybe I… maybe unity is the point of the encounter.

Mathias observes the Ocean and becomes a philosopher and a poet. Mathias elevates his sight to the sky and he dissolves himself… becoming one… becoming nothing.


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