Becoming “better.”

comparison twain

In the Spiritual circles, there is an idea about “becoming better” that is, “ascending,” reaching a higher level, etc.

This belief has originated by applying the ways of our human society into something, which is not related with the logic of “pros and cons.”

In fact, we are always becoming. But becoming “better” implies a comparison as if our current state was a finished product.

We cannot compare. That is an illusion.
Spike is not a better dog than Oggy. Neither “I am better now” than before… for that “before” was a necessary component for the one we could be today.
Life is a continuous. It is not dissected into time slots.

In the “real” human world, we believe that we become “better” by acquiring things: A degree, a license, a certificate, a diploma, a house, a plane, etc.

In the reality of consciousness, it is the opposite. As we become empty of “things” in our head and feelings, we could be “clean,” “pristine,” etc.
This obviously does not mean to be “better.” It is just to experience another state of being.

For example, if we watch the moon; Could we say that the moon is “better” when it is a full moon?
No. The different phases of the moon are interrelated and one phase will bring another.
But the human mind has been conditioned to compare. It is that comparison which does not allow our minds to enjoy the “moment” or the experience of being.

There is always something else to “achieve.” 🙂
When we take that mentality into a spiritual path, that conditioning will bring a greater ego.

Don’t you want to go to “Paradise” because it is “better”?
Don’t you want to “achieve” that?
Wouldn’t you like to possess the title of “a chosen one”?


That is why, it is relevant to look at the mind, our conditioning, our beliefs, our ideas.

There cannot be a different consciousness “magically.” We need to be aware for that to happen.

The steps of the spiritual walker are meant to stop in the lonely valley, by the lake of experiences so he can look at himself in that reflection.

The form of that reflection appears in complete solitude.
Looking deeply at “yourself” is not something that everyone is prepared to do. Paradoxically, most will run away from themselves, immediately looking for the comforts of ‘mainstream.’

In life we are learning different things.

Life will give us a time to learn and change. Once that time has elapsed; the Drama of life will move on whether we have changed or not.
If we have not, we will experience the consequences of not flowing with the call of time.

We will suffer.
But that suffering is in itself a way to dissolve the heavy self, so the experience cannot be “bad,” but necessary.

Some may say: “But it is “better” not to suffer…”

Now we could see that “better” is an illusion… a “nice” word… 🙂
There is an experience. Different experiences. All necessary.



  1. raj

    Dear avyakt.

    That is the only thing which I failed to understand .To explain it further ;one can follow spiritual path but spiritual path does not motivate a person ( at least me) .it works well when I feel low ,when small things irritate me , in the case of fear etc.etc.but when it comes to a scenario to work in organization to achieve a common good , a scientist putting his efforts to invent new medicine ,a student and player working hard for good grade and being a good player respectively in order to do that a motivation is needed ,not to show someone behind,not for money,not for power but for common good and live your own life.i assume you must agree this inline with spirituality .I agree that through spirtuality an awareness of being self would come and that would help one in avoiding waste thoughts like ego ,jealously etc while discharging one’s duty in respective profession,but it won’t motivate u since I m a lazy guy and tend to do everything in last hour ,so I feel more frustrated. Also my belief system does not agree with destiny concept fully .I feel destiny play a role in your life but not more then your attitude + hard work .so you power to change uour with such a belief system how should I make life more meaningful .

    Not sure how relavent above comment is .but I just put my thoughts .it irritates me a lot .it would be great if you explain it and suggest something .sorry if I mentioned something wrong

    • avyakt7

      Hello Raj.
      Thank you for your input. These sharings are not the “holy truth.” They are just sharings, There is no need for you to always see things as shared here.
      Your destiny is your attitude and your hard work, as you mentioned. Why make those things distinct?

      Many times we just get caught up with concepts and as mentioned before, unless there is experience of what is being shared, there will not be full understanding of a spiritual sharing.

      Raj, when you go to the store you do not buy all the items there. You just pick up what you need.
      Same here.

      The common good is a good motivator, but different people have different motivators as well.

      Best wishes! 🙂

  2. Syracuse Machine Tools

    Do you know that there is a thought out there about desires, which goes something like this:
    that we desire not because we truly deeply want something but rather its because right after getting that thing which we think we want, at least for a short time everything seems right in the world and we don’t want anything else in that moment. And that exact feeling of NOT WANTING is what we actually want. And thats the biggest joke and the cruel irony of desires.

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